Celebrating anniversaries with milestone gifts for the home

For anyone that has tied the knot, you know that a wedding is simply one day, but your anniversaries are something to celebrate year after year. As tradition goes, each anniversary milestone has its own special gift category to coincide with it, such as “silver” for 25 years and “gold” for 50 years. These gifts are not only a way to treat your spouse, but they can also help you and your loved one build a home together. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to look around your house and see pieces that represent the years you two have spent together?

1st Year – Paper

The first year of marriage should be marked with something special.  How about adding some printed art to your entry or living room?  A lovely piece of art for your home can be something you shop for together or signifies a special memory. Go ahead and start building a collection you can add to over the years.

2nd Year – Cotton

Your bedroom should be your own personal oasis. Purchase a bedding set that you are going to be excited to come home to. Eastern Accents has a wide variety of tailored and stylish bedding that will add pizazz and life to every bedroom.

3rd Year – Leather

A leather watch is an obvious choice for this anniversary but try thinking outside the box. Instead of buying something that will be tucked away in a drawer, why not invest in a chic leather recliner? Furniture manufacturers have really stepped up their game designing contemporary recliner styles that fit into modern designs. This recliner has sleek lines with decorative pewter nail head trim. Your husband will enjoy kicking his feet up and you will love the look – it’s a win-win!

4th Year – Flowers

Clients ask me all the time, “Are faux flowers out of style?”  I always respond “Of course not!”  Now, with that being said, the quality of the faux arrangement is the key. All flowers are not created equal. For a bride that plans ahead, try selecting a faux arrangement to display at your wedding that you can incorporate into your future home. This bouquet could easily transition from a wedding centerpiece to a dining room focal point. Plus, cherish the memory of knowing that it was there on your special day.

5th Year – Wood

Reclaimed wood is a hot commodity these days –old is new again.  This is especially true in the world of interior design. Add interest to your home by incorporating a piece of furniture made from reclaimed wood. The best feature of reclaimed wood is that it can stand on its own, meaning there is no need to worry about matching the wood tones to other things in the room.

Robin Splawn is a designer with Luxe Furniture & Design, a custom furniture showroom that offers beautiful and unique upholstery options with complimentary in-home design services to help you create a special look for all your living spaces. Luxe is located at 9922 South Riverside Parkway in the Kings Landing shopping center.  Showroom hours are Monday through Friday 10 a.m.-6 p.m. and Sunday 1-5 p.m..  Evening hours are available by appointment.