Passing on A Wealth Management Philosophy

The Vanderbilts were once America’s most wealthy family. But they are curiously absent from the Forbes 2014 top 185 richest families, while the Rothschild’s fortune is valued at over $350 billion. It’s not a coincidence that one continues to flourish, while the other fortune has been severely dissipated.

Prior to his passing in 1812, Amschel Rothschild taught his five sons conservative money management. They borrowed from a family “bank” and were taught to pay back each time they borrowed with interest. Each family member passed this knowledge down to their children, and in order to use this family banking system, attendance was mandatory at the annual meeting.

America’s wealthiest families continue to stay wealthy because they think beyond their current lifespan, and they teach their children crucial economic principles that aren’t taught in schools.

“The most rewarding aspect of teaching Privatised Banking is instilling my clients with a ‘wealth mentality’ that can be transferred to their children and/or grandchildren and then onward to succeeding generations over a long period of time,” says Shawn Byerly, CEO of “You are teaching a financial process, not selling a financial product.”

It’s the same financial process that the Rothschilds have used for more than150 years to grow and protect their wealth and deposit financial wisdom in their children. The essence of the plan is that when each generation becomes parents (grandparents), they buy a life insurance contract on their children (grandchildren) that is specially designed for maximum cash value. When the message is ingrained into each child-bearing generation, you will have created “perpetual motion” in your family’s financial future.

Why Life Insurance?

The idea of creating a perpetual family wealth process has almost nothing to do with insuring your child’s life. It just happens that Privatised Banking contracts are the most efficient way to create perpetual motion. Privatised Banking policies never go down in value, credit guaranteed tax-free interest, and allow access to your money without penalty. Initially, the death benefit has very little to do with creating intergenerational wealth, but when death occurs the system becomes self-sustaining.

“To use a golf analogy, the Privatised Banking policy is just the best club,” Byerly explains. “I’m educating you how to swing it. The knowledge of how to swing it perfectly is what is most valuable. If you obey the principles, each successor generation will be in a better financial position than the one before it. Guaranteed.”

To learn more about how you can use Privatised Banking for intergenerational wealth, combining it with rental real estate, or financing your automobiles, call Shawn Byerly at 918.688.7906.