Choosing An Engagement Ring To Flatter Your Finger Shape

You have found the right guy, now it’s time to choose the right engagement ring.  It’s one of the things girls dream about nearly all their lives… having “Prince Charming” pop the question. Whether he is about to propose or you are just out looking for fun, there are some rules of thumb (pun intended) for choosing just the right ring for your finger size and shape.  It is no different than finding the right style dress for your body type.

Long Fingers

If you have long fingers you have the most flexibility with style.  A ring that features a wider band is flattering on this hand type.  Consider a bold style if this suits your personality.  Round and princess cut diamonds will enhance the look and shape of your hand.

Slender Fingers

For the woman with slender fingers, smaller stones tend to make the hand look wider.  If a large stone is preferred consider a narrower cut such as a marquise shape or emerald cut.  Thicker bands also tend to make the finger look wider.

Short Fingers

Many women with short fingers think they are limited on style, but that is not really the case.  Try on rings that have elongated shaped center diamonds like oval, marquise and pear shape.  Staying with a narrower band and the longer cut diamonds will tend to elongate the hand.  If your lifestyle allows, longer finger nails will also add to the illusion of hand length.

Wide Fingers

With wider fingers you have the room to experiment with many different engagement ring styles.  Stay away from elongated diamond cuts such as marquise or emerald cut and opt for wide center diamonds such as asscher, round, radiant or princess cut.  There are many ring styles that feature wider design across the top.  Along with wider rings consider those with angles or non symmetrical lines.  Medium to wide side shanks will also tend to narrow the finger.

Big Knuckles

As with many hand types choosing the right style will take the attention away from what some women are self conscious about.  Treating the hand with a big knuckle the same as a wide finger will draw attention away.  The addition that should be considered though is to try ring styles that are bolder and heavier.  Have your jeweler show you styles that are outside of traditional with funkier lines.  If you have had trouble with rings spinning on your finger, a good jeweler has remedies that will eliminate those issues.  Keep the ring style in context to the size of the hand.  Even with a larger knuckle you don’t want to overpower the small hand.

Small Hands

Small hands will tend to be enhanced with rings with overall smaller proportions.  Try rings with narrower bands and smaller side diamonds.  This is not to say you can only have a small center diamond.  The center can be whatever size you want it to be just look for rings with thinner shanks the sit a bit closer to the finger rather than the “cathedral” style.

Large Hands

Some women with large hands feel self conscious about their hands.  That shouldn’t be the case.  You experiment and be creative when it comes to style.  Try rings with bolder style.  You can wear thin, wide or medium band thicknesses.  Almost any diamond shape will look great on you.

Of course all of the suggestions above are guidelines.  The best suggestion I can give is to try on a lot of styles.  The ultimate guideline is to find the style that you are most comfortable to you that fits your personality.   Avoid jewelry stores that are in a hurry to sell you something and get you out the door.  This is going to be the symbol of your love and commitment to each other, something that is intended to last a lifetime.  Take your time.

Lonnie Iannazzo is the owner of Vincent Anthony Jewelers and has 25 years experience in the jewelry business. Stop in to try on a few rings for size, he’s happy to help you with your selections.