The magic of an idea...

June…. the beginning of the summer season.

Looking back on childhood, memories flood the mind of long, lazy days at the beach, road trips to visit grandparents, and adventurous bike rides. They were also the days we played outside till dinner time and used our imagination to stay entertained. That’s when the ideas came to life! Tree houses were built, caves were stockpiled with wood for campouts, and Sears & Roebuck models were cut out of the catalog to use as illustrations for a storybook in the making. Plays were written, costumes designed and programs were colored with crayons so when the neighbor’s doorbell rang, they could pay a quarter to watch the five minute play on their front lawn. And of course, there was the everlasting lemonade stand that sold whatever was available that day, homemade cookies, fresh picked blackberries and blueberries, or cups of water.  The earnings allowed us a trip to the general store in town that boasted rows of glass jars with penny candy. By the end of summer you believed you could accomplish anything!

Looking back, the ideas came to life with the support of the community. The adults supported the children’s endless ideas and the children knew they needed each other to accomplish the idea of the day. The result was a prosperous and proud community.

The idea behind Tulsa Lifestyle is “Inspired by Community.” Half of the publication brings you stories about people, businesses and causes in the Tulsa community. The other half of the publication is about ideas that have come alive from those that live next to you or down the street. They are our advertisers. This combination, along with support from our readers, allows us all to be part of a prosperous and proud Tulsa community.

Enjoy this month’s publication about the home. It may possibly invigorate some ideas that you can follow up on during the lazy days of summer.

Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.

Mark Twain