The Day in the Life of a Dog 3

Meet several local canines in our community.

Several dogs  have been offering their community love and care. In this feature, we are spotlighting three wonderful dogs.

Destiny the Pibble

• What is your name? My name is Destiny the Pibble. I wanted it to be Destiny the Amazing Pibble, but Mama said Jazzy the Amazing Wiener already stole that name. Jazzy is my sister and she’s very loud!
• Where do you hail from? Hmm, well, Mama found out I’m an American bulldog, AmStaff, pharaoh hound mix. My golden eyes and reddish color is definitely pharaoh hound and I read on the computer (don’t tell Mama), that pharaoh hounds come from Egypt! And we’re a really old breed, like 4,000 years old! Not quite as old as my old sister, Jazzy, she’s like 6 million years old. But please don’t tell her. She’s a mean little wiener!
• What is the name of your owner? I call her Mama, but everyone else calls her Sherry.
• How long have you been living with your owner? Mama brought me home from Tulsa Animal Welfare on March 25, 2014. A few days earlier, while Mama was taking photos at Tulsa Animal Welfare, an 8-year-old little girl saved my life when she saw me terrified in the kennel. She said 10 simple words: “We can just feed her and she’ll get better, right?” My story is at
• What do you like to do for fun? Hmm, I really love playing with Jazzy, even though her breath is awful! I love playing with the water hose and getting soaking wet. I really love playing “jump on the couch like a kangaroo,” but Mama’s not too fond of that one. And I really love to do zoomies in the yard!
• What is your typical day like? Hmm, well, I get up and give Mama like 500 kisses! Then I wiggle a whole bunch and smile! After that, I go outside to do my business and run around a little bit. I get to eat breakfast, then it’s almost time for a nap! Sometimes I help Mama run errands, so we drive to the post office or places like that. After I get done navigating for Mama (I’m a backseat driver), we normally go for ice cream. I absolutely LOVE ice cream and Mama timed it once: it took me four minutes to eat my cone! I savor every single lick! Once we’re back home, I say hey to all my other sisters: Maggie Monster, Katie the doberman, Xena the pit bull, Andi Dandy, and of course, my bestie, Jazzy the Amazing Wiener. She’s really my bestest friend in the whole wide world, but don’t tell her that. She’s already got a big head! Um, then I might nap again, get up for dinner, a snack, and then we all kick back to watch a movie or something. My favorite movie is ‘Pitch Perfect.’ I’m quite musical!
• How did you get your name? Well, if I tell you it will ruin the story link above! But if I must, it was due to the little girl who saved my life. Her name is Destiny and Mama felt it was Destiny for us to all meet that day. So there ya go!
• How old are you? I think I’m like 2 or 3, but since I was a stray, Mama really doesn’t know. Three sounds good. It means I can finally drive (in dog years!)
• What is your favorite food? Ice cream! Ice cream! Ice cream! Did I mention ice cream?!

Destiny the Pibble’s owner Sherry does pro bono rescue shoots for animal shelters and rescues across the state, particularly Tulsa Animal Welfare (as well as rescues in New Orleans, LA). She’s taken photographs for TAW for three years and rescue photography for free for seven years. Her company name is TylerDog Photography.


• What is your name? My full name is Sombra’s Simone II of Saint Simeon’s, but I really just go by “Simone.”
• Where do you hail from? The staff members at Saint Simeon’s spent a long time researching breeders throughout the United States, trying to find one that could breed a puppy that would have a calm, yet fun temperament, be in good health, have a desire to want to be with people, and of course, be beautiful. They landed on a breeder in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area. I was one of three puppies in my litter born on April 1, 2009. My breeder, Jeanette, watched as I grew, and decided that I had the right temperament to go to Saint Simeon’s. Donna Mayotte with Saint Simeon’s picked me up on June 25, 2009. I came to work at Saint Simeon’s just a few days later. Staff members Donna Mayotte and Dara Harris helped train me and raise me. I was enrolled in a puppy kindergarten at K9 Manners and More in Broken Arrow, where I learned the basics of coming when called, sit, stay, down, and how to walk on a leash. After the advanced obedience classes, I earned a Canine Good Citizenship Certificate in April of 2010.
• What is the name of your owner? Technically, I am owned by Saint Simeon’s Senior Community. However, I do go home each night with my “handler/mom,” Kathy Hinkle, who is the education director at Saint Simeon’s.
• How long have you been living with your owner? I have been working at Saint Simeon’s for six years, and my handler/mom, Kathy, has been taking me home with her since 2010.
• What do you like to do for fun? I love walks and runs at Mohawk Park, where I can explore off-leash.  I especially enjoy roaming the woods there and rolling in leaves. I also like visits to Joe Station dog park. I especially love children, and they love me! I love to have my belly rubbed.
• What is your typical day like? Most mornings, “Mom” Kathy and I go exploring at Mohawk Park. Then we head to work at Saint Simeon’s. I spend the day visiting the Residents of Saint Simeon’s. Many of them have treats ready for me when I visit them in their rooms or their favorite spot on campus. At Saint Simeon’s, we have beautiful courtyards filled with peacocks and turtles, and I enjoy hanging out with all of the wildlife and know not to chase them. One very special peacock that was born at Saint Simeon’s last year, Rocky, was rejected by his mother since he was born under an incubator, so I ended up raising him the first few weeks of his life. So you could say I’m a momma to a peacock!
• How did you get your name? My name was chosen because it sounds like Simeon’s. Also, the letters in “Simone” and “Simeon” are interchangeable.  Any dog that lives here will all be named “Simone,” just as my predecessor, who lived here until 2010, was Simone I.
• How old are you? I am 6 years old. Each year, Saint Simeon’s throws a big birthday party for me. The party usually helps dogs in need. In April this year, we asked people to bring dog food for the dogs of Tulsa’s homeless population, and we raised more than 500 pounds of dog food! The party always includes a cake made for dogs and a separate cake for humans.
• What is your favorite food? Beggin’ Strips. But I’ll eat pretty much anything!


• What is your name? My name is Mavis Pearl Bain.
• Where do you hail from? I am an English Bulldog. My breed originated in England. I was originally bred to help butchers control livestock. I only slightly resemble my ancestors in appearance. Despite my serious demeanor, I am one of the sweetest dogs you will find. I love people, and love helping those who are hurting. I love giving high fives and lot’s of smooches! I am a friend indeed!
• What is the name of your owner? My owner’s name is Lisa Bain
• How long have you been living with your owner? I have been living with my owner for 4 years.
• What do you like to do for fun? I love to play with my sisters, Holly (a lab) and Gracie (golden retriever) I love visiting people who need a smile. Being a registered therapy dog is my favorite thing to be and do. I love being the ambassador for Joy In The Cause, a 501c3 non profit local charity (My mom is the founder) I am a dog with a cause! I love spreading joy to those who need a smile. I LOVE to dress up in fun outfits! In fact I even pick out my own tutus, and bring them to Mom before we go on our visits!
• What is your typical day like? I wake Mom up bright and early! I have a great breakfast, then I have a fun play session with my sisters. Then it’s off to work I go! Only I don’t think it’s work, it’s fun! I love picking out the fun outfits I wear. My favorite thing to wear is a tutu and a bandana with my name on it! (The Mavis Pearl bandana and bow.) I think I have more clothes than my Mom does! We go to cancer treatment centers, patient home visits, nursing homes, hospices, or visits to those with special needs. My day is filled with bringing smiles to those in need of some joy. I find it’s quite easy to bring a smile, being that I am a fat little bulldog wearing a funny outfit! I’m also a R.E.A.D dog, and I love it when kids read to me!
• How did you get your name? My Mom named me after her elementary school lunch lady. This sweet lady battled cancer, but never complained. She always had a smile and a kind word. She made a real impression on my Mom. Her hair net smushed her face down to resemble that of a bulldog. (but we would never tell her that one!)
• How old are you? I am 4 years old.
• What is your favorite food? I love peanut butter!!! I could eat it all day!