August 2015 Publisher's Letter

October sneaks up on us like Casper the friendly ghost. Silently, unexpected and all of a sudden it appears. The children are settled in school and new friendships are blossoming. The leaves are slowly turning an array of warm colors, the air is brisk and you want to wrap yourself up in your worn, favorite sweater.

As we gathered information for the October issue, the realization set in that our theme of beer and wine somehow vanished but our bag of tricks left us with stories that were far more interesting and like the array of leaves on the tree, the stories cover different themes, therefore giving you a Taste of Tulsa.

Chef Justin Thompson uses his passion for creative culinary delights to help raise money for those in need. The Tulsa Botanic Garden will watch, after many years of work, a dream come true with the grand opening of the Tandy Floral Terraces. And, did you know that professional hockey has been in Tulsa since 1929?

These are incredible stories but just a sampling of what Tulsa has to offer. In this issue we’ve highlighted multiple events that will appeal to all ages. So put on your sweater and enjoy all of the festivities and happenings in town. Live in the moment because before you know it, November will sneak up on you… just like Casper.

Happy October & Happy Halloween!