August 2015 Publisher's Letter

It’s December, Are you ready?

Children Dream, With their Teddy.

Presents to Wrap,

I Want to Take a Nap.

Planning the Schedule Best I Can.

Family Feasts, Need Help Cooking.

What to Buy? I’m still Looking.

Multiple Mall Runs,

For the Little Ones.

I’m Planning the Schedule Best I Can.

Make a List of Family Traditions.

Can’t Forget to Mail the Cards in Time!

Who Are the Favorite Holiday Musicians?

I Can Figure It Out While Standing in Santa’s Line.

Let’s Relax By the Fire, Eating Cookies We Desire.

Enjoying Our Time, With Family in Mind.

I Planned This Year’s Schedule Just Fine.

December is a time of whirlwind of activities, childhood memories, traditions, giving back, family and friends. We reminisce about the past and look forward with excitement as the new year approaches. Our theme for December is Seniors. Opportunities abound for seniors as seen in a terrific story about a second chance or the possibility of helping others with a highlight on the Food Bank of Eastern OK. Eye care is a necessity as we age so you may enjoy reading about LOOK Eyecare & Eyewear on Peoria. As seniors, we also have the opportunity to pass on traditions to the children in the family and December is the perfect time to do just that.

Happy holidays!