August 2015 Publisher's Letter

2016! In a personal finance class in college way back in the 70s, the teacher gave us the assignment of writing down our goals and where we would like to be in 10 years and 20 years along with the plan on how to achieve those goals. I made my goals, wrote down the plan and kept it visible like any good student who would do what the teacher told them to do. It was powerful. In the next 20 years, I achieved everything on my list. As I look back, I’m not sure what motivated me to stay on track besides the withered old paper clipped to the refrigerator with a magnet but the process does work.

The January issue is about health and fitness for various aspects of your life. We know that if our weight is under control, we tend to feel better mentally and physically so there is a great article on weight loss. Finances and our environment also play a role in our emotional and mental health. This could be the year to move house. It’s exciting and could keep you motivated in other aspects of your life. We’ve included some terrific insight on the real estate market and financing.

With new resolutions and goal setting you may want to plan on making a positive difference in our community. As human beings, it makes us feel good when we are needed and appreciated. One might become overwhelmed with the numerous events planned in the Tulsa area that support various organizations. It’s not all about the money or the number of events. It’s about your passion. What do you care about? Pick your passion and find out how you can help. We’ve highlighted the great results of the Remodeled Tulsa Tour and given you information on the upcoming Toyland Ball for the Parent Child Center.

Grab your paper and pencil, stop by the new Tavolo Caffe & Market, grab a cup of coffee and a fresh baked treat and relax in a chair facing Boston. Dream of what you would like this year, next year and in ten years. Write it down with a realistic deadline. Then pencil in the plan.

Yes, I need a new 10-year plan.

Happy New Year!