New Year's Resolutions 2

Scientific Breakthrough in Weight Loss – Stop Guessing & Start Living

Treat yourself to that glass of red wine or chocolate truffle with your customized weight loss solution. One size does not fit all.

Every year thousands of people climb on the “resolution weight-loss bandwagon” and every year they end up failing to reach their goal. They change their diet, add nutrients and spend hours in the gym because this time will be different, this time it will work. However it doesn’t work. Two months later failure is eminent and their “I’ve got this” attitude is crushed.

Obesity is a worldwide problem facing men, women and children of all ages from all walks of life. Inspired by a desire to live a healthier lifestyle, become more active, improve self-esteem and to look and feel better, the New Year’s Resolution is a call to action. It’s a promise to set and reach a personal goal. However shedding pounds and keeping them off is tough, especially on a generic “one size fits all” weight-loss program.

The key to weight loss and weight gain is scientifically proven to be locked inside of you; inside your genetic code.”

Imagine knowing whether you’re burning calories or storing them? Whether you should eat more fruit or less?  DNA testing enables SlimGENEration to map the exact percentage of carbs, fats, protein and nutrients your body requires. Whether you are preparing meals at home, eating out or traveling for weeks at a time, meals are tailored around your lifestyle and your preferences. If you want leftover holiday treats, a glass of red wine with dinner or steaming hot chocolate on a cold winter night it becomes part of your Customized Weight Loss Menu Plan.

SlimGENEration provides full region sequencing DNA coding as identified in the Human Obesity Gene Map; a DNA technology that is 99.98 percent accurate. It begins with a simple swab from the inside of the cheek. A medically supervised weight loss solution is created unlocking your genetic code and what’s best for you and your body. With this map of your “true chemistry” a weight loss and wellness program is designed around you, your preferences and your goals.  Looking at your body from a cellular level the program includes what exercise you need to do, what foods you need to eat and what nutrients you need to take to reach and maintain optimum health.

Exercise and fitness are an important part of any weight loss program. There are thousands of exercises designed to target specific areas of the body.  With full region sequencing DNA testing you will learn which exercises you should be doing and which exercises to avoid.  Why spend hours in the gym or rush off every evening to an aerobics class when your genetic profile says walking 30 minutes a day is all you need to achieve peak performance and reach your goals.

Today we are living longer than ever. Health and wellness have become buzz words in a society flooded with diet plans and weight loss programs. We are told we must look good and feel great to live a longer happier life. The message is a simple one; “I want to lose weight, avoid serious health issues, have increased energy, reduce my blood pressure, lower my cholesterol and feel good about the person I see in the mirror every morning”.

SlimGENEration is a medically supervised DNA based Weight Loss Solution. Currently there are 13 offices; 2 in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area and 11 in the Dallas, Texas area. Thousands of women and men have reached their goals and are living happy, healthy, active lives. Weight loss and wellness solutions include: Full region sequencing DNA Testing, Six Months of Weight Loss and Wellness Coaching, Body Compositions, Measurements, Customized Weight Loss Menu Plans, Customized Maintenance Menu Plans, Customized Exercise Programs and real food from stores and restaurants of your choice. Knowing and understanding your body and what works best for you is the key to lose weight and live the life you desire and deserve to live. It’s SlimGENEration’s Science, Your DNA, Your Answers and Your Solution.