Backwoods Takes You Back to Nature 4

Take a Walk Through The Farm

Backwoods with Richard Mangold

TL: Is the business locally owned/franchise/other?

Richard: Backwoods is Regionally owned out of Austin, Texas.

TL: Who are the managers and how many employees do you have?

Richard: Richard Mangold is the General Manager and Caleb Klugh is the Assistant General Manager.  Backwoods has 16 employees. Our staff has a great range of interests and loads of practical experience in everything from angling to rock climbing and hiking. Combined we offer more than 50 years of retail expertise in matching personal hobbies and pursuits to specialized gear like GPS hiking units, hydration systems and survival kits.

TL: How long has Backwoods been in business? 
At this location?

Richard: The Company has been in business for 42 years and has been located in Tulsa for 28 years.

TL: Does your business have a stated mission statement?

Richard: “To inspire people to seek active, adventurous lives”

TL: Is there a reason the business was started?

Richard: The founder was unable to find the equipment he needed for his outdoor adventure trips in one convenient place and realized that many would feel the same so he started a business to address those needs.

TL: What does your business do?

Richard: Backwoods inspires, educates, and equips people to enjoy the outdoors in whatever capacity they choose.

TL: What products do you offer?

Richard: Products designed for the outdoors:  apparel including men’s and women’s outerwear, baselayer, shirts, pants, and shorts; men’s and women’s footwear including everything from sandals to hiking boots; packs, sleeping bags, pads and camping accessories; luggage and travel goods; fly fishing equipment and apparel; water bottles, hydration reservoirs, and filtration units; headlamps and knives, and more.

TL: What services do you offer?

Richard: Pack fitting, Apparel, Footwear and equipment fitting, Scout and scout leader clinics, International and domestic guided adventure travel trips, Fly fishing classes and clinics, Pairing apparel and equipment to the adventure undertaken, Hosting outdoor adventure film festivals like Banff and Reel Rock

TL: What is the most popular product?

Richard: There are too many in each category to list.

TL: What is unique about your business?

Richard: Backwoods offers a combination of individualized customer service, selection, and experience, all in one location.

TL: What important factors contribute to the 
business’s success?

Richard: A genuine and knowledgeable staff, community involvement, our passion for the outdoors, and a long, consistent track record of sustaining those qualities.

TL: Does your company benefit the community where it is located?

Richard: We believe promoting a healthy, sustainable lifestyle through discovering and embracing outdoor activities in whatever manner chosen leads to a more vibrant community.

TL: What is your proudest moment of managing 
this business?

Richard: Witnessing the exuberant anticipation of a pending outdoor adventure as people are outfitted for it, then witnessing that feeling being exceeded by the adventure experience itself.

TL: What advice would you give to a young entrepreneur starting out today?

Richard: Back your vision with reality. Plan well, and be flexible in circumstances.  People are always the key: both the people you will serve and the people you choose to serve them will be the two most important factors in your success.