The Only Country in Town 11

Take a Walk Through The Farm

After over 40 years, The Farm Shopping Center continues to bring Tulsan’s a unique group of stores to make their shopping and dining experience unlike any other.  This family owned shopping center has a lot of history behind it.  Its current owner, Patricia McCune Clark, is the daughter of architect M. Murray McCune who built The Farm in 1971.  One of only two theme centers at that time, The Farm Shopping Center was designed and developed by Tulsa’s highly respected McCune, McCune & Associates. Murray McCune and his father, Malcolm L. McCune, were responsible for the design of several other notable Tulsa properties such as Utica Square Shopping Center, Tulsa University and an addition to Boston Avenue Methodist Church. The Farm, located on the southeast corner of 51st & Sheridan, was aptly named as the property was originally a working farm. All the buildings, designed around the over 100 year old original barn, were built with a farm theme…down to the storefront windows, doors and silos. While some of these design elements have been replaced over the years, many have been kept intact in order to maintain the integrity of the original design.

In 1977, when Murray McCune passed away unexpectedly, his wife Gloria McCune took over the responsibility of managing the shopping center. She was an active and proud supporter of the greater Tulsa community.  Her civic duties included membership in The Performing Arts Center, The University of Tulsa, Jr. League, Opera Guild and many, many others.  She was quite an ambassador for The Farm and strengthened its standing in Tulsa up until her death in 1991.  After Gloria passed away, her daughter Patricia McCune Clark became president of the corporation, bringing her own management style to The Farm. Patricia, a TU alumnus, always stresses the importance of giving back in our community. In addition to helping out many local charitable organizations through her work at The Farm, she is a very strong supporter of “shop small, shop local”.

Over half of The Farm’s shops are owned by lifelong Tulsan’s. About 30% of the current tenants have been with The Farm since its inception. The Farm, like Tulsa itself, offers sophisticated city appeal with a comfortable hometown feeling. It truly is “The Only Country in Town!”

The Farm consists of 157,000 square feet of retail space with an additional 20,000 square feet devoted to The Farm Office Building, located at the south end of the shopping center. The Farm has over 40 specialty shops, restaurants and service businesses with convenient curbside parking to accommodate Tulsan’s in a park-like setting. This tree lined property, situated in mid-town Tulsa, is filled with mature trees, flowers, decorative farm implements and benches…a perfect place to take a stroll or relax at one their many fine eateries.

The Farm is a natural fit for such local businesses as STG Gelateria, owned and operated by Jim and Mike Bausch who also own Andolini’s Pizzeria. The gelato is made right here on the premises in state of the art equipment shipped overseas from Italy…it’s fresh and authentic. Not sure what gelato is? Italian ice cream! What’s the difference between American ice cream and Italian ice cream? Gelato is creamier, smoother, silkier and denser…and best of all, it’s healthier! Why you ask? Because it uses more milk and less cream and doesn’t use egg yolks. Not only healthier…but fewer calories. And they have a huge variety of flavors…all your favorites and perhaps a few you’ve never heard of.

Great Harvest Bread Co. is another natural fit for The Farm. Recently purchased by Amy & Nick Smith, the bakery has been a staple at The Farm since 2002. They buy all their whole grain wheat from Montana and mill it right in their store…daily! It doesn’t get any fresher or healthier than that. They offer their healthy, freshly baked breads and goodies 6 days a week. They begin serving breakfast sandwiches, muffins and scones at 7:00 a.m. and also make a variety of delicious soups, salads and sandwiches for lunch.