Theraganics - Natural Soaps and Skin Care

Take a Walk Through The Farm

Theraganics with Jennifer Roudabush

TL: Is the business locally owned?

Jennifer: Theraganics is a unique business that is locally owned and operated.

TL: Who are the owners?

Jennifer: Born and raised Tulsa area sisters Stephanie Roudabush & Jennifer Roudabush.

TL: How long have you been in business? 
At this location?

Jennifer: Theraganics was founded in 2008 (8 years) and has been at the Farm Shopping Center since 2011 (5 years).

TL: Does your business have a stated mission statement?

Jennifer: Theraganics’ mission is to create truly luxurious and effective, purposeful, and fresh natural skin care products using the best ingredients.

TL: Is there a reason the business was started?

Jennifer: Theraganics was started for two reasons.  Firstly, founder Stephanie was plagued by skin issues for most of her teenage and adult life.  After much trial and error with products on the market, she decided there had to be a better and healthier way.  Starting small in her kitchen at home, she carefully studied the chemistry of cosmetic and skin care manufacturing.  She formulated and created a few products to start with, selling them at local events and quickly gained a following as people were experiencing the benefits of using her handcrafted products.  Her sister Jennifer had a son in 2005, Luke, who was diagnosed with autism.  He was overly sensitive to commercial bath products due to the ingredients and fragrances.  The sisters found that Luke was able to tolerate the natural products amazingly well, making everyone’s lives much happier and healthier.

TL: What does your business do?

Jennifer: Theraganics formulates and manufactures (using handcrafting methods) natural and purposeful skin care, bath, and essential oil based products for the health conscious consumer using the best ingredients.

TL: What products do you offer and manufacture?

Jennifer: Theraganics offers a plethora of products ranging from natural bar and liquid soaps, lotions, creams, and facial care to lip balm, bath salts, bath bombs, hair care (shampoo + conditioner), and essential oil based aromatherapy products.

TL: What is the most popular product?

Jennifer: Our most popular product has been our Detox Charcoal Soap Bar.  It has proven effective for acne or breakout prone skin, along with many people finding that it is useful for deodorizing, micro-exfoliating, bug repelling, and so much more.  It can be used as a facial and body bar, and has a tremendous lather that is both luxurious and refreshing.   It uses a combination of essential oils, clay, and activated carbon to gently yet effectively cleanse the skin and remove impurities.  It has been our best-selling product since its inception.

TL: What product could you not live without?

Jennifer: We could not live without the Detox Charcoal Bar Soap and our super hydrating lip balms.  They are essentials and some of our best formulations.

TL: What is unique about your business?  

Jennifer: Our business is unique in that we formulate, make, and sell our own products in the same place.  They are made from scratch, and the products you buy have been handcrafted from start to finish.  Our formulations are very unique and this allows our products to truly be “FRESH”.  It is likely the person you are speaking to and buying from is one of the people who created your product and therefore has a significant knowledge of it.

TL: What important factors contribute to the 
business’s success?

Jennifer: Theraganics has been successful due to a number of things including perseverance and effective products, but one of the most important is our wonderful customers and the support we receive from them.  If it weren’t for them, we would not be in business today.

TL: Do you offer other services?

Jennifer: We have toyed with the idea of offering classes on making your own soap and cosmetics.

TL: Do you manufacture under private labels?

Jennifer: Yes we do private labeling.

TL: Does your company help the community where 
it is located?

Jennifer: We have donated to the Autism Center of Tulsa as well as giving extra products to local women’s and children’s shelters.

TL: What is your proudest moment of owning this business?

Jennifer: Any time a customer gives us positive feedback about how one of our products have helped their life, it is a proud moment.

TL: What advice would you give to a young entrepreneur starting out today?

Jennifer: The best advice for a young entrepreneur would be to believe in what you do.  It makes the day to day challenges easier to overcome, and it provides fuel to keep going.