August 2015 Publisher's Letter

Men play a vital role in our lives. From building communities and important relationships to being role models for young people and
an inspiration to others, men can make positive things happen. The
Men of Tulsa are all around you; your brother, your co-worker, your
friend, your dad. Since Father’s Day is in June, we tend to reflect upon the men that have made a difference in our lives.

Looking back, I remember various people in my life that made an impact on who I am today. I’ll start with Mr. Parks, my high school art teacher. Because of him, I began my college career in communication design. I remember Mr. Heffley, another teacher who gave me an old Leica camera so I could take photography class. My one passion/hobby today is taking pictures. My stepfather was strict, made you earn your way and gave life lessons. He had horses and told me he would give me a saddle after I learned to ride. To this day, I still remember him saying “who’s in charge, you or the horse?” My real dad was a retired Colonel whom I got to know better as a young adult. He was my mentor. I miss the weekly hour long phone call about life in general. My husband is the rock that keeps our relationship balanced. And there are our sons, young adults that represent those who will build communities and relationships, be role models for others and an inspiration to many. 

Enjoy the June issue and have a Happy Father’s Day.