August 2015 Publisher's Letter


Health and Wellness covers a multitude of subjects. It is also a topic that nags in the back of your mind like the extra five pounds you have to loose or the craving for some extra calories that you can’t shake.

We’ve teamed up to bring you stories from the various sectors of life that affect your health and well being. The advancement of orthopedics and technology now brings you an ankle replacement that wasn’t available a short time ago. Find out how one dad is enjoying life with his new ankle.

Oklahoma has a lot to offer but sometimes we need to go elsewhere for medical care. Read about the hero’s who fly those in need to their destination, saving hours of painful, anxious travel.

What about you? Floating away in salt water may just be the answer to relieving everyday tension, stress and anxiety. A new type of float pool is coming to Tulsa and did you know that Tulsa is also home to a research center on floating? Children are the future engineers and scientists that will lead us into the future with new discoveries. Students are embracing the Robotics & Engineering Teams at Cascia Hall.

July also means back to school in August. Plan and prepare early on being ready so the new school year begins on a positive note with no stress. Add a comprehensive eye exam to the check list and read why it’s important. And finally, eating out isn’t really health and wellness but an evening out with no cooking and dish duty is mentally rewarding. Award winning Mexican food from a business that has been in the same location for over 60 years is worth visiting, more than once.

Enjoy the July issue and have a happy and safe Fourth of July.