August 2015 Publisher's Letter

August brings a rush of excitement as children, teens and adults gear up for the season of going back to school. This may be the year that your student has a special teacher that will make a positive impact changing the way they see the world, view learning or decide on a career path. It could also be the year when a subject, class or activity brings out a hidden passion or talent and you can watch your child blossom. With the idea of school starting up again, we went back to basics and thought of a subject that one carries with them their through their whole life. Reading.

As a baby we learn to read board books. You might say “Here is a duck.” Then you could ask “What is the duck getting ready to do? What is he carrying?”  “What color is the duck? How many feet does he have? Where is the color red?” You are teaching your child to count, about colors, shapes and building vocabulary as you go through the pages. Now you can ask your child to read the pages back to you and you’ll hear “Here is the yellow duck. He has two feet. He is going swimming. He is carrying a red beach ball.” That is the beginning of putting a book in your hand and a smile on your face.

Children who learn to enjoy books will become lifelong readers. Books can take you to places you’ve never been before, foreign lands, mystical worlds, a time of long ago. They can also teach you about various subjects; motivation, business, cooking and the list goes on. Growing up, I started reading the Bobbsy Twins and progressed to Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys. I was going to be a detective, solve problems and catch the bad guys. Well I soon found my favorite authors and had to collect every title. When the kids were growing up, the house was filled with Usborne Children’s Books. Children like familiarity with books, that’s why they ask you to read the same book over and over. Usborne had a little duck hidden on the pages of some of their books so the kids would be excited when I brought a new book home so they could find the duck. It encouraged them to open a new book, to enjoy books and to read. And did you know the U.S. publisher for Usborne Books is located right here in Tulsa?

We hope you enjoy the stories in this issue that cover reading for adults and toys and books for kids. With the new school year, you may also want to plan a renovation to be finished in time for the holidays. After the kids go back to school and before the renovations begin, take the time to realx and put a book in your hand and a smile on your face.