August 2015 Publisher's Letter

I’ve had dogs my entire adult life and the first little Scotty led to the addition of another Scotty and then ohhh, that cute little puppy that someone brought to work just had to come home with me. It was a mix of brown lab and pit bull. Cocoa. Honestly I never heard of a pit until I moved to Oklahoma. People would say “that’s a pit” and I would say “no it’s a brown lab”. Then they would say well it looks like a pit and I would look at Cocoa and say no it looks like a dog. Cocoa was our protector. If a salesman knocked on the door, they were gone the minute they saw her. She knew when to show her teeth and make the hair on her back stand up but she also enjoyed being dressed up, wearing purses around her neck, having her nails painted, and whatever else the kids could think of. She was with us 17 years. My daughter had volunteered for a Fur Ball once and I knew it was coming up so I called and asked for information for the magazine. That’s how I became involved with Oklahoma Alliance for Animals. That phone call led to me offering to help with the Fur Ball and from there, well I can’t remember a world where you didn’t help animals 10 to 30 hours a week. Along the way, I have met some of the most amazing, giving people. Besides helping OAA with Woofstock and Rock & Rescue, I started taking pictures each week of animals for the Broken Arrow shelter and posting them online to find their homes or a rescue which eventually led to a whole new facebook page to save Broken Arrow animals. A handful of us work together trying to save the animals at the shelter from being put down but we are just a tiny part of the whole picture. We network with 100’s of rescues all over Oklahoma and the country and people that transfer animals from one state to another. There is a Broken Arrow dog that works with inmates, another that is the nursing home resident dog, and a beautiful black shepherd that was never claimed who is now with Operation K9. We get updates with pictures of happy furbabies in their homes. It will be a great day when there aren’t any abandoned, abused, lost or surrendered animals at the shelter.