Full Service for Four Seasons 1

Tom’s Outdoor Living is not your average lawn service. There is a reason their customers are proud to say, “I’m with Tom.” Keeping our outdoor spaces looking beautiful can be extremely time consuming. Tom’s offers total outdoor home or business maintenance, throughout all four seasons. Whether your space includes a pond, irrigation, or lighting, they take the headache out of deciding when to fertilize, plant, prune, protect from insects, and much more. Take a look at what a year in the life of a Tom’s Outdoor Living customer looks like.


As autumn arrives and the leaves start falling, Tom’s Outdoor Living stays busy with leaf removal, late growing season maintenance, mowing, and more. Then, as the growing season winds down, the holiday season begins. Tom’s Outdoor Living has two degreed landscape designers on staff to help design your custom holiday lighting and decoration displays. The designs range from elegant to whimsical to cutting-edge, to suit their customers’ needs. In addition to their custom designs, some customers simply need help installing their already-owned holiday lights. This is where the design team at Tom’s can help out.


You may think of winter as a dormant season for outdoor management, but nothing could be further from the truth. Tom’s Outdoor Living keeps very busy during the winter. It is the season of preparation. Much must be done during the winter to ensure proper plant growth during the spring. From rose bushes to Crape Myrtles, many of Tulsa’s favorite plants need to be tended during the winter at precise times to create gorgeous future blooms.

In January, Tom’s will prune Crape Myrtles, fertilize trees, shrubs, and ground cover, and spray insecticide and fungicide to keep spring pests away. Crews will check irrigation systems, adjusting for the appropriate lower water needs of the season.

Throughout the winter, Tom’s offers snow removal services by snow plow and shovel to its customers, and can provide ice control for sidewalks, driveways and porches. This service is vital to both business clients and residential clients, especially when ice is present.

Once again, the irrigation system will be checked, and repairs will be made to any damage that has occurred during the harsh winter weather. Nozzles will be directed to assure proper sprinkler coverage for spring watering.

During the winter months is the best time to start working on a landscape design for your property.  Tom’s Outdoor Living has two degreed landscape designers on staff to help you with all your design needs.

Planning now in the winter months ensure your project will be installed and ready to use by spring.


Spring has sprung! Plants are awakening, and in need of continued fertilization and care. At the beginning of spring, landscape areas and hardscape areas will be given a thorough cleanup to prepare the property for growing season conditions. Tree wells will be cut out and dead plant material will be cut back. Beds will be analyzed, and annual color will be installed as desired. Mulch will be installed if it is deemed necessary. Tom’s offers seasonal installation of a variety of annuals in an array of colors, including begonias, impatiens, Joseph’s coat, purple heart, and more. Their in house design experts work with their customers to choose the best colors and plants to enhance the beauty of the outdoor space.

Once the growing season has begun, so has weed season. Tom’s Outdoor Living combats weeds in multiple ways. Spring is the first season in which crews treat designated bed areas with a pre-emergent for weed control. Even with pre-emergents, weeding is an ongoing task for Tom’s crew. To keep their customer’s spaces looking their best, they weed shrubs, ground cover, beds and tree wells weekly throughout the growing season.

Pruning of shrubs also begins in spring and continues through autumn, to develop the natural form of the plant and to keep clear of windows, air conditioners and other objects.

Of course, outdoor living maintenance would not be complete without mowing. Mowing services are provided to clients weekly during the growing season and according to growth patterns the rest of the year (October – March). The Tom’s mowing crew is meticulous, creating perfectly manicured spaces each week for their clients. Prior to mowing, the area is scanned for any debris, which is removed before mowing. Clippings are removed after each mowing is completed. All hardscape or patio areas are expertly edged, swept and blown clean.

In springtime in Oklahoma, sometimes the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain too furiously and leaves things looking pretty messy. Tom’s Outdoor Living clients rest easy after spring storms, knowing that Tom’s will take care of everything. Whether it’s cleaning up limbs and debris, removing entire trees, fixing fences or replacing flowers and foliage, Tom’s quickly restores their clients’ spaces to pristine condition.


Summer in Oklahoma is hot, and plants need extra care during this season. Tom’s Outdoor Living provides careful monitoring of all types of plants during times of heat and drought, altering watering schedules and replacing plants as necessary to keep their clients’ spaces looking bright and healthy. Regular maintenance for the growing season continues in the summer, with mowing and weeding provided weekly, and fertilization, pruning, and other care provided on a careful schedule.

Summer is also a good month to start the design and planning process for any outdoor living projects you are wanting to tackle next year.  The in house degreed landscape designers at Tom’s Outdoor Living can provide you a master plan for your residence with pricing so you can start planning for your new outdoor living area.

Throughout the seasons, Tom’s Outdoor Living keeps its customers’ spaces looking beautiful. Their crews work hard to keep homes and businesses in Tulsa looking their best. If you are not with Tom yet, any season is a great season to start saying, “I’m with Tom.”