Dear Santa,

It’s been a wonderful year. First I want to tell you what I’m thankful for. Then I’ll ask for some big presents to come our way on Christmas morning.

I’m thankful for friends and family who keep a smile on my face every day. I’m happy to have celebrated their achievements this year including two graduations, three new jobs and even an engagement!

I’m thankful for my sweet rescue dog, Ellie. Who knew a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel that eats acorns from the driveway would be so cuddly, loving and cute? I don’t even mind the giant red spheres of hair that skip and float across my hardwoods on the regular!

And, I’m tremendously thankful for this magazine. There’s a special thing happening here between the readers, sponsors, writers and editor of Tulsa Lifestyle. It’s become a beautiful community of sharing and splendor. Oh, and I’m very thankful for our cover model for the June Men’s issue … oh yes!

Ok, Santa. Now here comes the big ask. Please bring all of us in this community soft and fluffy white snowflakes on Christmas Eve. Let us hear the tinkling of bells around every corner and see your helpers give love to those who need it most. Please give us overflowing joy; so much so that we must share it with others. And, please help us to honor our community and help it succeed.

Add a little bubbly and a well-worded toast to the equation and we will be certain to have a happy new year. Thank you, Santa.

Your holiday friend and blonde elf,