The Sky's the Limit 1

The newly renamed Blue Sky Bank aims to keep expanding in Tulsa

Since 1905, Citizens Bank of Oklahoma has served as a dependable resource for residents of Osage County and those in the Tulsa area.

That tradition isn’t changing. What’s new is the name — starting this month, Citizens Bank of Oklahoma will now be known as Blue Sky Bank.

Gentner Drummond, principal owner of Blue Sky Bank, said part of the reason for the change is to differentiate the institution from other banks with “citizens” in their names.

“We did multiple studies and found there’s a lot of name confusion and ambiguity in the banking industry,” he said.

On top of that, Gentner said he wanted a name that better reflects Blue Sky’s growing services to business clientele.

“We’re an integral part of the businesses we serve.”

Drummond has owned Citizens Bank of Oklahoma, now Blue Sky Bank, and he’s played a role in a variety of financial services in the area as he was one of the founding investors of ONB Bank — now known as Central Bank — and he organized Patriot Bank.

He was particularly drawn to what would become Blue Sky Bank, as he was raised in Osage County and continues to run a cattle ranch there. Drummond owns Drummond Communications LLC, which is U.S. Cellular’s largest national agency; PostOak Lodge and Retreat; Oklahoma Abstract Partners, which is the holding company for Smith Brothers Abstract and FirsTitle; and Drummond Law, a twelve-lawyer firm.

Though Blue Sky has its roots in Osage County, Drummond is helping to expand its presence in Tulsa. Blue Sky ís currently in the process of opening an additional branch in The Boxyard, a new shopping area in downtown Tulsa that’s being built out of shipping containers.

That location is no passing whim, as Drummond said it represents the bank’s continuing effort to reach out to a new generation of entrepreneurs.

“We’ve got the traditional banking niche,” he said. “Now, we want to become the branch for millennials.”

Even as the bank expands, Drummond’s taking care to fill the bank with the best talent available.

“The bank is populated with very skilled, qualified commercial lenders and staff who meet the needs of a variety of clients in the Tulsa, Pawhuska, and Cleveland markets.”