Get Ready To Be Floored

Ask someone what makes a great looking home stand out, and they might say the crown molding, the lighting, or the layout of the furniture.  These are all valid answers, but for a long tenured firefighter who turned his love and knowledge of construction into a successful business, the key to every room is right under our feet, a well-crafted hardwood floor.

Tom Nicklas, the owner and founder of Renaissance Hardwood Floors in Jenks, couldn’t have foreseen back in 1982 that his small operation would rapidly grow into a name currently known around the home building industry and among customers all over the region as the premier choice for superior quality, design, and selection.  When Tom Nicklas Construction (now Renaissance) hit the scene, there were only two other companies providing flooring in the area.  This provided an excellent opportunity for Tom Nicklas to pursue.

Now, with the help of great suppliers, Renaissance goes through four semi-trucks full of materials per month, which allows them ready access to a great selection that they have and continue to offer to customers in green country and beyond.  For clients who desire rustic and reclaimed wood without the hefty price tag, the crew specializes in creating custom hand scraped finishes. Hand scraping is a more precise process as compared to the way the design was previously achieved by home builders, who used chains or bolts to create weather worn imperfections.  While Renaissance did not invent the process itself, those in the industry can distinguish their hand scraping finishes from others with only a glance, something that Tom Nicklas is always very proud to hear from customers.

However, it hasn’t always been such smooth sailing for Tom and his crew.  Renaissance was at one time in the running to design and install flooring in the home of local born star, Garth Brooks, but did not receive the job.  Despite this disheartening moment and the dream of working on the country singer’s home being lost, Renaissance continued to strive to become the best in the business.  The company looks to use their knowledge of hand scraping, as well as distressing and other techniques to move more heavily into the sale of beams, mantle pieces, and other framing accents.  Should this idea come to fruition, customers would be able to purchase these pre-finished products from a new showroom that is currently on their drawing board.  Today, Renaissance is a well-oiled machine now run by Tom Nicklas’ son.  Whether a customer wants to make a new piece look as if it was always there, or add a new design element to their space, Renaissance has the tools and the experience to tackle any project big or small.   For more information go to or call 918-298-4477.