New Body for a New Year 4

DNA-based dieting

Does your body respond better to one type of diet or exercise than another? How do you know which diet to follow? In recent years, more people have turned to understanding their DNA to identify which diet and exercise regimen will work best.

“We don’t believe in yo-yo dieting,” says Jessica Ford, co-owner of SlimGENEration. “When we investigate your DNA, we know exactly what your body needs from exercising, the nutrients you need and the amount of protein, carbs and fat you should be eating.”

SlimGENEration in Tulsa offers medically supervised DNA weight loss solutions which unlock the genetic code and determine what’s best for each individual with technology that is 99.98 percent accurate.

It begins with a simple swab from the inside of the cheek. The genes measured are from the obesity gene map. “Along with our SlimGENEration science, we use the client’s DNA plus four other tests that measures factors specific to weight gain, weight loss and overall healthy lifestyle. The test also discovers how the body absorbs and metabolizes fat and carbs, and which type of exercise works best.” says Ford.

When the DNA and other results are returned weeks later, a doctor designed plan is provided including recommendations for food, supplements and exercise along with a six-month action plan. Certified SlimGENEration health coaches then meet with each client once-a-week to help implement new strategies which include real food including favorite dishes and treats.

“We work with you to create a healthy lifestyle so that when you leave us, you can remain at your goal weight for life,” says Ford. SlimGENEration clients lose two to seven pounds of body fat a week on average. “It used to be that people could just do the fundamentals of weight loss, calories in and calories out, counting points, eating certain types of foods only – but science has found that people have developed genetic resistances to those traditional methods and they simply do not work for the masses, especially for those that are faced with being overweight or obesity related issues,” says co-owners Michael and Jessica Ford. SlimGENEration has been recognized by the CDC as a lifestyle prevention program helping people with pre-diabetes.

“We recommend that with any New Year Resolution that you set a goal to do something new and bold with your weight loss objectives. Instead of just setting a goal and doing the traditional methods like joining a gym and guess your way through the process. We recommend to get a picture of what you will do when you lose the weight and visualize the life experiences that you can capture after you achieve your goals. Then take massive intentional action by getting your genetic combo unlocked with SimGenerations’ science,” says Jessica Ford.

So, what do the experts say about diet-dos and diet don’ts? Here are some recommendations from the SlimGENEration Team:

  • Resolve to have a healthier lifestyle instead of losing weight.
  • Set small obtainable goals. Small victories turn into big successes.
  • Do not skip meals.
  • Do take vitamins.
  • Do drink enough water.
  • Do not exercise against what your body needs.
  • Create a monthly non-food reward system.
  • Allow yourself to make mistakes. Shake it off and get back up to speed the next day.

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