You're Not Crazy

It’s Just Your Hormones

It’s January and it’s cold outside. Are you burning up? Are you plagued with hot flashes, feel depressed, forgetful, and are exhausted all the time? It’s not your fault. It might be your hormones causing all that havoc.

Caleb Meacham, a pharmacist with Apotheke Rx Pharmacy, says, “Weight gain, low energy, and low libido are just a few of the issues women in their 40s and 50s face as a cause of hormone imbalance. Correcting hormone levels from post hysterectomy and menopause can reduce or alleviate these symptoms.”

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) has been a hot topic for several years. Our mothers and grandmothers were prescribed medications we now know can be dangerous to a woman’s health. Sometimes referred to as “horse hormones”, these  medications consist of conjugated estrogens isolated from the urine of pregnant mares. And your body wants to get rid of it.

He says, “I recommend avoiding animal estrogens and progesterones  for hormone replacement when there are excellent natural  hormones available. Your body recognizes these as normal and virtually identical to the hormones produced in your body, which makes them far safer than synthetic   versions.”

So, how can you tell if your hormones are off balance?

Apotheke offers at-home HRT testing. Just stop by the pharmacy located at 15th and the Broken Arrow Expressway and fill out a simple 5-minute questionnaire. One of the kind pharmacists will review your answers and provide you with a home-collection hormone and wellness test.

Of course, your family doctor can conduct the necessary lab tests. But a standard hormone test will not tell the whole story. The Apotheke pharmacists can provide you with the tests required for an in-depth hormone evaluation that you can give your doctor.

“Many of our customers prefer the home test. The kit is free and can be done at their leisure. They don’t have to worry about scheduling an appointment, going to the doctor, paying a deductible or for additional testing which may not be covered under their health insurance,” says Meacham.

The kit is simple to use. Just fill out your basic health information and follow the directions for sample collection. Everything is included including a prepaid mailing envelope. Certain insurance plans are accepted, but if not, the cost ranges from $80 to $299 depending on the test. Consider it a gift to yourself for getting your life back on track.

Based upon the test results, Apotheke will work with your doctor to either prescribe medications or develop an over the counter solution of supplements.

Meacham says, “HRT doesn’t necessarily end with a prescription. Natural solutions such as creams, vitamins, and other supplements may be just as effective.”

Hormone testing works for men, too. Low Testosterone or “Low-T” is very common among men. Symptoms include low energy, low sex drive, increased belly fat, and difficulty in the bedroom. Sexual health is important as we age. Apotheke compounding pharmacists work closely with physicians and patients to achieve more satisfaction in their patients’ intimate life.

In fact, a recent study of sexual function in the United States reported that more than 43% of women experience some degree of sexual dissatisfaction, which includes lack of desire, performance anxiety, difficulty becoming aroused, pain during sex, and failure to orgasm.

“One of our best selling products is called Scream Cream. It has a crazy name but it has helped so many of our patients rekindle their relationship with their partner. The cream is applied just before foreplay, and in 15-20 minutes it increases blood flow to the important areas, which heightens sensations making stimulation easier and gives more intensity to the orgasm. It’s available in prescription and over the counter formulas,” says Meacham.

For more information on hormone replacement therapy, stop by Apotheke Rx Pharmacy at 2516 E. 15th St., call 918.728.6420 or visit