As the Old Saying Goes …

As the Old Saying Goes … 2

These fine wines and many others can be found at Parkhill’s Liquors & Wine South at 10018 S. Memorial and Parkhill’s Warehouse Liquors & Wine at 51st and Lewis. &
Fall has arrived and once again the holidays are on the horizon with entertaining for business and family to be planned. As a sommelier, it’s this time of year more than any other that I’m asked to recommend wines to pair with dinners, parties and for gift giving.

Romantic Renaissance

Romantic Renaissance 1

reate your own timeless memories by hosting a romantic wedding celebration at the Tulsa Garden Center Mansion in Woodward Park. The historical beauty of the mansion will enchant your guests with opulent interiors, first class service, and beautiful rolling hills of meticulously manicured grounds. It’s the perfect setting for the couple wanting a sophisticated, traditional wedding experience.

Inside Out Chiropractic

Inside Out Chiropractic 3

Tulsans looking to stay or get back on the road to good health have a new tool to help them achieve their goals.
Inside Out Chiropractic, which opened June 26 at The Vineyard on Memorial, 7891 E. 108th St., offers practice members the latest in research-based chiropractic care in a caring, family-friendly environment.

The Art of Accessorizing

The Art of Accessorizing 4

The difference between an average room and an extraordinary room is all in the details!

Accessorizing is what gives personality and soul to a home’s interior decor, yet it seems to be one of the most daunting tasks for some of our clients. People tend to have an easier time making the big decisions in interior design, such as choosing the major furniture pieces and color scheme, but they struggle selecting the little things like lamps, art, and accessories to pull it all together. Interior styling really puts the finishing touches on a room as the accessories become the pops of color, texture, and shape that reflect you and tie together your entire design. Here are our top tips when it comes to accessorizing your home.

November 2017 Lifestyle Letter

November 2017 Lifestyle Letter

Thankful: it’s a word that gets tossed around a lot this time of year as November arrives and 2017 begins to draw to a close.
And although it typically marks the winding down of the year, November is also a season of beginnings. This month begins the season of giving and the season of receiving. It begins the season of family gatherings and time spent with friends. It’s the month of Thanksgiving Day parades, Black Friday shopping, mom’s traditional holiday dinners and naps on the couch when you’ve had too much turkey … or casserole … or pie …



As the bright and sparkling sunny days of summer transition into the cool and colorful days of fall, I look forward to getting ready for the holidays. One of stops is the annual Cascia Christmas Walk – a tour of four homes in Midtown Tulsa decorated for the holidays by local florists and designers.

A New Catering Option for Tulsa

A New Catering Option for Tulsa 1

Thank you to Jon Dittmer for the beautiful photo used for the Crushed Red story in the October 2017 issue.
St. Louis based Crushed Red has just arrived on the scene in Tulsa with its exciting menu of chopped-to-order-salads and hand-stretched, whole grain pizzas. Equally exciting is Crushed Red’s Urban Crafted Catering which brings all their healthful, sustainable and craveable favorites to your next party or office event.

Animal Emergency Center

Animal Emergency Center 4

It’s late and you are preparing for bed. Then you realize that your best friend, who is always at your feet while you go through your nightly bedtime ritual, is missing. You call out your friend’s name but only silence returns. A slight curiosity quickly turns into concern as you know this is not normal. Walking through the house, your voice takes on a tone of urgency as each room you check is quiet and void of your friend.

Umbria and All That Jazz

Umbria and All That Jazz 6

What traveler could resist falling in love with spectacular scenery, outrageously delicious food and warm-hearted people?
Venice, Florence and Rome are must-sees for any first-timer to Italy, but there is so much more. Equidistant from Florence and Rome is an extraordinary assortment of historic and enchanting hill towns in Italy’s “green heart” — Umbria.

November 2017 Around Town

November 2017 Around Town 5

Outstanding philanthropic leaders were announced by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), Eastern Oklahoma Chapter. National Philanthropy Day (NPD) Chair Michelle Reagor said, “It is a privilege to reveal the names of those who we will honor for making our community a better place to live, work, and play.” Honorees will be recognized on Friday, November 3, 2017, during AFP’s NPD Conference and Awards Luncheon at Hard Rock Tulsa Convention Center. For details on this year’s honorees visit

Are You A Frequent Smiler?

Are You A Frequent Smiler? 1

Are you a frequent smiler? People tell me I am! You may be one too! Smiling is simple. It’s innate. It’s universal. And it’s social. Smiling is something we can easily share with each other. According to a study conducted by one market research firm, only 30 percent of adults smile more than 20 times a day, while some people smile fewer than 5 times a day. The super-smilers are children! They enjoy the great feeling of frequent smiling as many as 400 times a day! Why the big difference? Kids, especially little ones, are entirely immersed in small things that make them smile….blowing seeds of a dandelion and watching how they fly through the air. Have you ever watched a child blowing soap bubbles? These simple activities evoke feelings of joy, delight, laughter and lots of smiles.

Willkommen Bei Oktoberfest

Willkommen Bei Oktoberfest 2

Modeled after THE Munich Oktoberfest, Linde Oktoberfest Tulsa brings the best of Bavarian culture to Tulsa October 19-22 at River West Festival Park, 2100 S. Jackson Ave.
Named a Top Ten Oktoberfest by USA Today and Condé Nast Traveler Magazine, Linde Oktoberfest features 40,000 square feet of decorated entertainment and bier Zelts (tents), with more than 80 bier selections, authentic German food, live music, an arts and crafts MarktHaus, carnival rides, and German-themed games and pop-up activities.

October 2017 Around Town

October 2017 Around Town

What good is sitting alone in your room? Come hear the music play; Life is a Cabaret, old Chum, Come to the Cabaret!
Join Oklahoma Alliance for Animals on Friday, November 3, 2017 at Southern Hills Country Club for a special evening with NYC MAC award winners, KT Sullivan and Mark Nadler for the 12th annual Fur Ball Gala, “Tails from the Cabaret.” The Fur Ball has become Oklahoma’s favorite gala, benefitting animals. Besides a special cabaret show, the event will also include wine, dinner, music, raffles, live and silent auctions. As OAA’s biggest annual fundraiser, proceeds from the Fur Ball fund efforts to end pet overpopulation, promote responsible pet ownership, and ensure the humane treatment of animals.

October 2017 Lifestyle Letter

October 2017 Lifestyle Letter

The changing of the colors from vibrant, summery greens to autumnal yellows, rusty oranges and dark reds.
The shorter days spent at school and outside and the cooled-off weather after those dreaded dog days of summer.

It Makes Me A Jolly Good Fellow

It Makes Me A Jolly Good Fellow

Every year as the first twinge of Autumn slides in off the back of summer, that cool brisk air brings about a buzz of memories. Actually, now that I think about, it’s the buzz that I remember most from those early Fall evenings of my youth. And yes…I am talking about the buzz that beer lovers know all too well. It’s the state of mind that country music legend Tom T. Hall sang about that made him a “jolly good fellow.”

Crushed Red

Crushed Red 1

Crushed Red, the restaurant that is known for chopped-to-order salads and artisan-crafted whole-grain pizzas, is opening its tenth location, and first in Oklahoma, on Friday, September 29, in Tulsa. The new restaurant will be situated at 1525 E 15th Street in the Cherry Street restaurant district.

The New, Modern Parkhill Liquor & Wines…

The New, Modern Parkhill Liquor & Wines... 2

Thanks in part to Oklahoma’s evolving liquor laws, many of the area’s liquor stores are relatively young compared to other local businesses. Parkhill’s Liquor & Wines is a major exception to that trend.
Since 1963, a loyal following has turned to the family’s business at the Fikes Shopping Center at 51st and Lewis for after-dinner cocktails and celebratory libations. It’s one of the oldest liquor stores in town, if not the oldest. This fall, that long-standing tradition will undergo a big physical change.

The Pure, Intense Color of John Hammer

The Pure, Intense Color of John Hammer 9

When you first see a John Hammer painting, it’s normally the character in the piece that draws you in. After looking at it for a bit longer, you may realize it’s the bright, unconventional colors that makes the painting special.
Hammer is a Pop Impressionist. His portraits of real and fictitious people run the gamut from Woody Guthrie, Will Rogers, Maya Angelou and Michelle Obama to Batman, Darth Vader, Steve Zissou from The Life Aquatic and “The Dude” from The Big Lebowski. He’s even painted exotic versions of the Golden Driller and the Blue Whale of Catoosa – both northeast Oklahoma roadside landmarks.

Revamp Your Home for the Holidays

Revamp Your Home for the Holidays 2

It’s not too late to make easy changes before your Holiday guests arrive. These simple updates will make your home feel fresh without remodeling.
Want to add life to your walls but not ready to completely repaint? Create an accent wall with paint or wallpaper. Bold navy or rich emerald green complement many color schemes but also add warmth and depth to a room. A textured or printed wallpaper shows off your personality, consider something quirky that makes you happy! Want something specific? Talk to a faux finisher. They can create anything you dream up and it’s unique to your home.

Living On Tulsa Time Taste

Living On Tulsa Time Taste 2

From her beautiful, glowing, dancing body to her frosty demeanor that tickles our lips, she is a handful to be held. Perhaps she is dark and exotic with a twinge of boldness. Or maybe she is lite, blonde and smooth in her move with a flowing golden body. Whatever one’s taste may be, she is sought after by young and old alike…and who is this lovely you ask. Her name is BEER!

Biscuit Acres renamed Benjamin’s Biscuit Acres 
 to honor John Benjamin

Biscuit Acres renamed Benjamin's Biscuit Acres 
 to honor John Benjamin 5

In a surprise presentation at Saint Simeons, Fellow Southside Rotary Club members, the Biscuit Acres Volunteer Association and key members of the City of Tulsa Parks Department presented John Benjamin with a banner depicting the new sign to be placed at the entrance of the Biscuit Acres Dog Park renaming the Park in his honor.

What’s Your Style?

If You Can Read This, 
Thank a Teacher

As September comes and the change of weather approaches, so comes one of the essential issues of the season: the fashion issue.
Fashion: a—a prevailing custom, usage or style; b (1)—the prevailing style (as in dress) during a particular time; (2)—a garment in such a style.

Closet Therapy

Closet Therapy

I love fashion magazines. I enjoy their beautiful shiny covers, reading the Paris runway reports and learning about new makeup techniques. It’s all quite entertaining. But in the fall, Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar kick it into high gear with the latest fashion trends and must-have accessories for the season. The magazines are heavy with girlish goodies and the urge to shop is unbearable. 
Interestingly, my desire to purchase the new this-or-that diminishes

Weight Loss Secrets

Weight Loss Secrets

We’ve all tried fad diets to lose weight. Maybe it’s for a big event like a class reunion or a milestone birthday, or simply because the doctor says, “yes, it’s time.” Whether it’s Atkins or Paleo, or even the lollipop or cabbage soup diet, each one promises a way to shed some extra pounds. And guess what? It works! For a while…

A Modern Day Fountain of Youth

A Modern Day Fountain of Youth 2

When discussing facial injectables with people who come in to our office, the conversation usually starts with two questions: What exactly are injectables, and, what are their uses? The two main groups of injectables are botulinum toxins and dermal fillers. The line between botulinum toxins (the most well-known brand is Botox) and dermal fillers can sometimes seem blurred, so here is a quick primer on what they are and what they do. For clarity, from here on I’ll refer to botulinum toxins as ‘Botox’.


Initiative 11

“Our goal with Runway Tulsa is fairly simple,” says the show’s Executive Producer Jon Terry. “We’re bringing a fashion show to Tulsa meant to entertain, impress and inspire.” Terry is saying a lot in that short description. Runway Tulsa is the public face of Oklahoma Fashion Initiative, a nonprofit organization established to create, foster and promote Oklahoma’s fashion industry. With a focus on education and manufacturing, OFI will utilize educational programs, mentorships and a small batch manufacturing facility to create and develop a fashion district in Tulsa and cultivate fashion talent across the state of Oklahoma.

September 2017 Around Town

September 2017 Around Town 1

Highly decorated American astronaut Captain Mark Kelly commanded the space shuttles Endeavor and Discovery and visited the International Space Station four times. He also partnered with his identical twin brother, astronaut Scott Kelly, in a historic yearlong NASA study on how space affects the human body. Mark Kelly is now a space and aviation contributor for NBC News and MSNBC. The event will be held September 15th in the Chapman Music Hall of the Tulsa Performing Arts Center (PAC), 3rd and Cincinnati.

Pool House Project

Pool House Project 14

The Tom’s Design team met with the Hurst family right before the Home and Garden Show this last March to discuss their need for a pool house in their back yard.
The property already had a nice outdoor kitchen area and a nice large pool. The only thing missing was a pool house where guests could come and relax and enjoy the shade after a mid-day swim.

Say It With Fashion

Say It With Fashion 6

How it all began…
Last year my husband, one of the founders of our company, wrote a “napkin note” in our son’s lunch box. Holden doesn’t get notes every day, because quite frankly I forget. But sometimes he gets lucky. That day his dad decided to take over, and hit it out of the park with this note. So much so that it is framed in our living room.

Making a Splash

Making a Splash 4

It wasn’t long ago that the Thornton YMCA in Tulsa, Oklahoma wasn’t much to look at. Built in 1968, adjacent to a large county park located in the heart of residential Tulsa, the Thornton YMCA was once a thriving family fitness center. However, the many years of use and the changing nature of both fitness and family recreation over the last half century left many looking for more modern options. Today, the tides have turned in every way, and the new Tandy Family YMCA feels like an experience once again.

If You Can Read This, 
Thank a Teacher

If You Can Read This, 
Thank a Teacher

With the celebration of local men in June and all of our adventures and fun in July, this summer has already been quite an eventful one. We had so much fun, it’s hard to believe it’s almost time to end.
But, as the song goes, school’s out for summer (we’ll just go ahead and skip that next line declaring school out forever). And, as summer begins to come to a close, it’s time to start thinking about getting back to those backpacks, lunches and busy days.

Prepare for a Successful School Year

Prepare for a Successful School Year 8

So long summertime! It’s time to get back to school. Starting the new school year can be a time of great excitement. It’s fun buying new clothes, picking out school supplies, and calling friends to see if they are in the same class. But it can also be a time of great anxiety. Ramping up for the hectic and fast paced new school year can be a hard adjustment from the lazy days of summer.

Get a Head Start on College Savings

Get a Head Start on College Savings

College tuition continues to rise, with few signs of slowing down in the near future. If you plan to help your children with the cost of attending college, it’s best to start saving when they are young and time is on your side. Creating a strategy today may help you reduce the stress and financial burden as your child gets closer to his or her college years. Here are some strategies to help tackle this important financial goal.

Go Back to School

Go Back to School 3

Summer is over and it’s back to school for the kids. But what about us? Going back to school to learn a new skill could actually be fun. Luckily, continuing education and leisure classes abound in our town. Do you want to hone your cake decorating skills? Or finally learn to fly?

August 2017 Around Town

August 2017 Around Town

Tulsa Town Hall [TTH] is a nonprofit organization dedicated to opening minds and stirring curiosities. Since 1935, TTH has hosted speakers who are diverse and provocative, as well as experts in their fields. Ranging from authors to explorers to international icons, the guests bring fresh perspectives on current topics. The 2017-2018 Speaker Series include Captain Mark Kelly, Dr. Bennet Omalu, Laura Linney, Rudy Maxa, and Piper Kerman. You can also enhance your experience by attending a Luncheon with the speaker. Season Tickets sell out quickly. For more information and to order tickets visit

The White Party raises over $290,000 
for Family & Children’s Services

The White Party raises over $290,000 
for Family & Children’s Services 2

The White Party, one of Tulsa’s most unique fundraising events, celebrated its 10th year and raised $290,000 for Family & Children’s Services. This festive outdoor celebration set under the art deco skyline of Tulsa was held at The Vault and featured its popular 
white theme with craft cocktails and a Moroccan flair.

Edible Adventurers: Adult Education Made Fun!

Edible Adventurers: Adult Education Made Fun! 3

Desiring to learn new cooking techniques, I enrolled in Platt College’s Edible Adventures, a one-night, adult cooking class. They offer a variety of classes such as Chocolatogy, Louisiana Cuisine, and French Cooking Made Easy, along with themes such as Girls Night Out and Date Night.

Tulsa Toy Depot

Tulsa Toy Depot 4

It’s back to school, but are your kids prepared to hit the books? 
Or do they still have summer fever?
The Tulsa Toy Depot bridges the gap between learning and fun. They provide educational, yet entertaining toys and games for kids of all ages which Ryan McAdams, owner of Tulsa Toy Depot, considers as supplements to their education.

Summer’s Almost Over

Summer's Almost Over 1

New shoes, new clothes or uniforms, notebooks, pens, pencils … what about the BEST confidence builder … A BEAUTIFUL, HEALTHY SMILE!
Nothing builds self-esteem like being able to smile with confidence. The wardrobe is important with the latest styles, but “the look” can be dashed with an unhealthy, unattractive smile.

Tulsa Town Hall Wraps up its 82nd Season

Tulsa Town Hall Wraps up its 82nd Season

Since 1935 Tulsa Town Hall, a nonprofit organization, has hosted speakers who are diverse and provocative, as well as experts in their fields. Speakers for the upcoming season include Cpt Mark Kelly, Dr. Bennet Omalu, Laura Linney, Rudy Maxa and Piper Kerman.

Don’t Bug Me 4-5 grade Poster Contest Winner Announced

Don't Bug Me 4-5 grade Poster Contest Winner Announced 2

For 13 years the Tulsa Health Department and Hillcrest HealthCare System have joined to educate Tulsa metro students on ways to stay healthy by protecting themselves from the flu and other communicable diseases. Don’t Bug Me is a fun campaign giving students tools to keep the spread of germs at a minimum.

2017 Holland Hall Speakeasy Auction

2017 Holland Hall Speakeasy Auction 2

On April 7, Holland Hall hosted a rip-roaring 1920s sockdollager at the 2017 Speakeasy Auction. Complete with a secret Patron side entrance, the Silo Event Center provided the perfect rustic venue for this traditional biennial fundraising event.

Explore. Dream. Discover.

Explore. Dream. Discover.

Dive into the pages of any good adventure book—or into the screen of a movie at the local theater—and you’ll quickly be immersed in captivating stories. You’ll be pulled into worlds of wizards fighting dark magic, pirates trying to seize control of ghost ships, a quest for revenge on a whale, a 1,100-mile hike for self-discovery and healing, the visit to a theme park populated by dinosaurs … the list goes on and on, but, unfortunately, we’re limited here.

Take a Hike!

Take a Hike! 3

Caitlin Eversole is a lifelong nature lover. She loves to hike, kayak, and scuba dive. As a Naturalist, her career affords her the opportunity to travel the country advancing conservation and managing the demands on natural resources.

The Changing Landscape of College Admissions

The Changing Landscape of College Admissions 1

Something I’ve observed after two decades in education is that very little of a student’s time truly belongs to them. They are juggling assignments, extra-curricular activities, family time, community service, jobs … well you get the point. Add to that the pressure of preparing for and applying to college and you have the makings of a highly stressed household. The college application landscape is constantly evolving, so it’s worth examining its current state and considering how it might impact your college preparation.

July 2017 Around Town

July 2017 Around Town 4

Holland Hall recent graduate Grant Gebetsberger ’17 was named a 2017 U.S. Presidential Scholar. Inclusion in this program is one of the highest honors bestowed upon graduating high school seniors. The White House Commission on Presidential Scholars selects scholars annually based on their academic success, artistic excellence, essays, school evaluations and transcripts, as well as evidence of community service, leadership, and demonstrated commitment to high ideals. Grant is one of 161 Scholars selected out of more than 3.5 million high school graduates and 5,100 qualified candidates. He represented Holland Hall and Oklahoma at the Presidential Scholar Medallion ceremony in Washington D.C. on June 18, 2017.

The Holland Hall Athletic Hall of Fame and Sports Banquet

The Holland Hall Athletic Hall of Fame and Sports Banquet 2

The Dutch Athletic Hall of Fame recognizes Holland Hall alumni athletes. Hall of Fame inductees and student-athletes are honored together at an annual awards banquet designed to foster pride and preserve good sportsmanship and citizenship in the greater Holland Hall community.

Perfect Smile has Successful Dentistry from the Heart Event

Perfect Smile has Successful Dentistry from the Heart Event 2

April 21, Perfect Smile hosted their 4th annual Dentistry from the Heart. On this day, patients can get a free extraction, cleaning or filling. This year was a huge success and they were able to see over 100 patients, donating over 30k in free dentistry.

A Slice of Tropical Paradise

A Slice of Tropical Paradise 2

Much more than your average casino, River Spirit is a tropical flavored destination resort that, with a little help from Jimmy Buffett’s famed Margaritaville, brings a little slice of paradise to Tulsa. The addition of this new resort means River Spirit has two casinos in one, each with its own distinctive atmosphere and décor.

Summer Games

Summer Games 2

It’s that time of year to pack up the kids and set out on a family “Walley World” road trip like the Griswold’s. Instead of having the kids zone out on movies and battling territory lines in the back seat, consider introducing a new class of educational and fun games.