Where Kitchen and Bath Designer’s Go To Get Inspired 4

The 2017 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show

Many homeowners rely on HGTV for news on the latest trends and products, but have you ever wondered where the designers go?

It’s KBIS, the annual Kitchen and Bath Industry Show which just recently wrapped up its 36th appearance this January in Orlando.

All major and not so big manufactures of kitchen and bath products have booths set up displaying the latest items and trends. Besides new colors and finishes, this year also introduced new technology. Bluetooth technology was everywhere from lighting, home automation to appliances. In addition to technology this year’s show featured advances in cabinetry, hardware, countertops and tile, plumbing fixtures and appliances.

In cabinetry, we are seeing a major comeback of oak, but it’s not our grandmothers oak kitchen. It’s plain sawn oak which features open grain and striated figuring within the planks. “This gives a more textured or in-depth appearance to the wood”, stated Wood-Mode Fine Custom Cabinetry. Stain colors included a wide range of grays, whites and taupes. In addition to oak, there was also a lot of maple, cherry and walnut cabinetry featured.

And it’s not just what was on the outside of the cabinet that was a hit, but also what was in the inside that gained a great deal of attention too. Say goodbye to the Lazy Susan and hello to the Base Corner Turn-Outs which allow for more storage and easy reach access while utilizing a smaller footprint. Needless to say it is all about organization from pantry pull-outs to drawer dividers that make everyday tasks easier.

Cabinetry Hardware on display featured polished finishes of gold and nickel. And hardware is more than just jewelry for your cabinets, it also serves several functions besides adding beauty. First it allows you to open the cabinet door or drawer with ease while protecting the cabinet finish from things like raw cookie dough. And by just adding or changing your existing hardware, can create an easy and quick update to a tired kitchen or bathroom.

Quartz and granite countertops are still the industry standard for kitchen and bathrooms. This year’s show featured slabs of stone showcasing more dramatic patterning and honed and textured finishes which adds depth and dimension to your countertop.

And every new kitchen countertop typically receives a new tile backsplash, and this year’s show was well represented by the tile industry. Natural stone, porcelain, ceramic and concrete tile with glass accents of every shade and texture were featured. And as for bathrooms and showers, larger sizes of tile was the norm. Tile rectangles of 12” x 24” and larger was seen used on walls and floors of most bathroom displays.

Plumbing Fixtures such as bathroom faucets also saw more gold tones and nickel finishes while polished chrome and brushed nickel are still a big hit for kitchens.

Commercial style kitchen sinks and faucets are still the standard and an even broader selection of products were presented this year.  In addition, Tulsa’s own Galley Sink brought home the KBIS Silver Award for innovative products.

Bathroom plumbing fixtures saw a continued emphasis on the Spa experience. A broad range of soaking, air and whirlpool tubs were featured along with showers including rain forest and chromo-therapy (lighting) experiences.

Appliances and Technology had several interesting new products displayed at this year’s show too.

Wolf and Viking have long been known for their commercial style ranges for the home, now they have introduced induction cooking technology to their famous ranges. Gone are the heavy gas burners that made cleaning difficult and in their place is a smooth and sleek induction cooking surface. Induction cooking uses magnetic energy to conduct heat between the induction unit and the pan. This allows for instant adjustability of heat, very much like gas but much more energy efficient.

Another great advance is the Advantium Oven which is replacing the traditional microwave oven. In addition to the oven operating like a microwave oven it has also an additional setting known as speed cook technology.

According to General Electric who was first to market with this oven states that “Advantium technology harnesses the power of light. The outside of the food is cooked like a conventional oven. Radiant heat produced halogen bulbs above and below the food. This halogen-produced heat receives a boost of microwave energy. The result? Foods brown and cook evenly and fast, while retaining their natural moister.

An added benefit of this appliance is that you now have a second oven in the kitchen without taking up any additional space and at this year’s show General Electric has introduced several new models and sizes.

As we look forward to next year’s show, KBIS 2017 was a definite success with many new product introductions, dramatic finishes, textures and subdued colors.