A Place of Hope 10

Tulsa’s Child Abuse Network-Children’s Advocacy Center

Tulsa is a wonderful place to grow up, but one out of 15 children are faced with abuse and neglect. The good people at the Child Abuse Network (CAN), led by Interim Executive Director Rose Turner, bring hope and intervention services to those children and their families. The organization was created to centralize services including forensic interviews, medical care and psychological support in to one, friendly and low-stress environment for the child.

Children and their families with an open DHS or law enforcement investigation are helped at the Children’s Advocacy Center at 2829 S. Sheridan. This past year, CAN served over 2,500 children with more than 45,000 receiving support since the organization’s creation in 1988.

Interim Executive Director Rose Turner says, “Each single day we have the opportunity to provide protection and healing for the children in this community. When a child looks up at you and takes your hand and says ‘Thank you for keeping me safe,’ that is a gift that encourages and inspires each of us within this team to continue as champions of each child.”

CAN is an independent, non-profit corporation funded by community donations and grants. The organization’s primary fundraiser is the CANdlelight Ball held annually. This year, the event will take place April 21 at the Mayo Hotel. Donations can also be made directly to the organization on their website at childabusenetwork.org.

CAN is located in a safe, child-friendly facility known as the Children’s Advocacy Center, which is designed for children and the agencies that are involved in child abuse investigations. If you suspect a child is being abused or neglected, call the Oklahoma Hotline at 800-522-3511.