August 2015 Publisher's Letter

The weather is beautiful and blooming flowers and trees abound by homes, businesses and places of interest that are fun to visit like the Tulsa Botanic Garden, Philbrook, Gilcrease, Woodward Park and many of the other picturesque places in town.

Tulsa also offers an amazing collection of buildings that the eye can stare at for many minutes looking at the detail while the mind questions who came up with the design, how was it built, and what is the history. When the sun sets over Tulsa the colors and shapes are breathtaking.

There are lots of events and road trips to keep everyone busy in April. An exciting premier event is the Architecture & Design Film Festival: Tulsa held April 20th–23rd at a wonderful old building, the Circle Cinema. The storytelling through film about architecture and design can be powerful, enlightening and one of those experiences that you will fondly put in the back of your mind as a great memory. The films cover many disciplines; gardens, photography, furniture, architects, friendships and more. There is something for everyone.

There are a lot of great causes in April and May looking for your support. Find the cause your passionate about and help make a difference; attend a function, volunteer, or donate. The biggest reward is that you’ve helped make a positive change in someone’s life. The Tulsa metro area is a giving community and it’s amazing how people come together to help those in need which leads to a stronger community.

We’ve included great design tips for updating your home, making the best Easter Baskets, and pet anesthesia safety for our four legged family members.

Some events around town are Musical Mondays for seniors, the Drillers start playing, the Renaissance Festival begins, there are great shows at the PAC like Dirty Dancing and Annie Oakley, and much more.

Fill your calendar with fun things to do, attend a benefit, spruce up your home, and enjoy Easter with family and friends. You might take some of the older kids to see a few of the films at the festival. You never know, you may have an aspiring Architect or designer. And…. there is an interview with the Easter Bunny that is perfect for all ages!