Updating Your Home Décor for Spring 6

Refresh and Rejuvenate Your Surroundings

Spring is a time to refresh and rejuvenate. No better way to feel recharged than to redecorate the environment you live in, sleep in, work in, or entertain in. Just like having a new wardrobe can make you feel like a whole new person, so can your surroundings. I would like to share some of my favorite recent projects and give you some ideas of where you can start making changes and turning a new leaf in your home.

Think outside of the box

When designing a space, so many clients ask “Where do I start?” Sometimes, it may not be the obvious choice. Try to think creatively.

  • In your entry, you may consider adding seating rather than just the expected credenza, mirror and lamps. For example, in this long entry hall the wingback settee adds a whimsical element and creates a vignette that welcomes guests into the home.
  • For the dining room, you don’t have to do a matching set. Look for a unique table and add custom chairs to complete your look. For example, metallic faux leather seats on custom dining chairs mix so nicely, rather than match, the classic driftwood table. Also, not every fixture  in your home has to match. A statement chandelier, such as this Lucite oval fixture, adds so much style to the space.

Selecting your color scheme and furniture to set the mood in your space

  • For a tranquil and elegant space, it helps to look for pieces that share fluid lines and shapes. For example, in this elegant master bedroom the abstract gold embellishment in the custom artwork compliments the shape of the king bed and subtle curve of the beaded chandelier.
  • For a bold a stately space, a black and cream color scheme creates added drama. Look for pieces with graphic, square shapes. For example, in this family living space, the geometric square pattern in the rug and the large square sectional anchor the room. I selected the impressive leather ottoman & two exposed wood chairs to mimic the design in the rug. Repetition of shape and pattern will always tie your room together. A bold black metal lamp fills the corner with the custom bench and draperies.

Follow the trends to update your look

  • One trend we are seeing a lot while decorating for spring is cheering up white and grey color palettes with feminine touches, like pinks & pastels.  For example, in this private home office, the client asked for a feminine retreat. The foundation of the room is the grey writing desk, white rug & graceful slipcover wingback chair. Adding oversized art and vases with pastel blues and the vase of fresh peonies create the desired look and add some color to the neutral space.
  • You can also achieve this trend as simple as adding a pop of bright pink. For example in a white and grey living room, the hot pink floral centerpiece adds a smile to the room.