Blue What?

Kids are the Best Presents

I celebrated my birthday and it’s great having adult kids. You receive the best presents. First I received a pretty envelope and in the birthday card, wrapped up in tissue paper was a beautiful bracelet. On the card it says “Oscar made this in Mexico. It reminded me of you.”  I loved the bracelet and yes, it was me. I texted a thank you, asked who Oscar is and when was she in Mexico?

Next I received an email telling me to click the blue link that took me to a Blue Apron website where I could click 6 dinners for the next 2 weeks. Ha, this was so much easier than PayPal, snapchat, and Instagram. It took about two minutes. Then came the birthday call explaining that since she (another daughter) moved to NJ she feels bad that she hasn’t cooked me dinner. She’s a great cook and makes the healthiest dinners taste amazing! I still laugh when I remember my husband eating the whole bowl of seasoned mashed cauliflower because he thought it was mashed potatoes.

I even got a call from my long lost son who doesn’t answer his phone when I call because I ask too many questions. What are moms for? Yes, he’s spring skiing and he and some friends are designing something and if it takes off … Sounds exciting-enjoy the slopes!

I received a box the next week from Blue Apron with 3 meals. Everything was fresh and straight from the farm, but nooo …. I had to cook it! Well there was a beautiful recipe card, easy to follow directions, everything was labeled, every item was included (except olive oil) and I made a delicious meal!

I learned how to caramelize onions, make classic French vinaigrette and that olive oil can go on everything. I had enough food to last all week. Hubby only eats mashed potatoes but he did try one of the meals and liked it. Seriously, this is the perfect gift. It’s great for empty nesters, an older parent who lives alone, for teenagers to learn to cook, and for adult kids if you know where they are so it can be delivered. It’s a great gift for Mother’s Day – if someone else does the cooking.  It even tells you which wine complements the meal. I think there are similar companies and this is one of those pet rock stories … why didn’t I think of that? Great concept.

So I’m off to cook my next meal while wearing my pretty bracelet, dreaming about the blue waters of Mexico and of skiing a steep powdery mountain. Still trying to comprehend the mathematical engineering idea that is going to make millions and who is Oscar? … ah, a guy in Mexico who makes jewelry. And yes, I’ll make real mashed potatoes for Father’s Day.