In The Market 6

Emma Sitton

A lot of little girls like playing princess, tea parties with stuffed animals and dressing up.  Emma Sitton liked to dress rooms.

Emma, now General Manager of The Market at Walnut Creek at 81st and Harvard, has used her passion over the past year to bring designers, decorators and entrepreneurs together.  The Market is home to over 100 locally-owned showrooms and boutiques that feature unique furnishings, home décor, accessories, clothing, gift items, art work and much more.

Emma’s eye for design started at a young age.  When she was 3, her mom would ask what she wanted to do that day and Emma would tell her she wanted to look at houses and see the beautiful things inside each room.  What 3 year old is excited to wear shoe protectors and walk around show houses? Emma.  She has vivid memories of the houses and specific rooms that inspired her passion for design.

Her first chance at a public design project came when she was 13.  Emma’s mother gave her free rein to design a bedroom for Tulsa Street of Dreams and since then she’s had the freedom to form her own taste and let her creativity flow.  Emma attended the University of Arkansas where she studied interior design.  After college, she went on to work for Double Eagle Design in Tulsa while beginning to showcase her work.  She has also put together rooms for five years as a free standing designer at the Designer Showcase.  Design is her passion.

How did she find The Market?

Emma’s mom, Cheri Sitton, was influential when it came to Emma’s discovery of The Market at Walnut Creek. Cheri became a retailer at The Market in 2002.  Emma’s eye for design and business savvy came from spending countless hours at her mother’s side. As a teenager, Emma would walk the aisles at The Market for design inspiration.  This is where she met Lori and Rob Phillips, owners of the store.  Rob continues to invest in Tulsa and the surrounding areas with his commercial real-estate company.  The concept of The Market took hold and has grown into three successful locations. Tulsa and Oklahoma City are home to The Market in Oklahoma and there is a location in Branson, Missouri.

When you visit The Market at Walnut Creek, you’ll find smiling faces and a great atmosphere in which to shop.  There is also a café, Nibbles, nestled inside which is always a bonus when shopping with friends.

If you seek trend tips, the “colors from a storm give you an amazing palette to work with and the greenery found in nature is also a strong influence,” says Emma Sitton.  Whether you are a designer or a person who loves home décor and unique finds, you’ll enjoy The Market.  Find more information as well as availability of vignette space at or call 918-492-3500.