El Tequila Privado 4


“In Mexico, tequila is our passion,” says Federico “Fede” Vaughan, co-owner of Código 1530.

Vaughan, along with co-owner Ron Snyder, investor George Strait and wife Norma, and Creative Director Betsy Heneghan, recently introduced the brand to Tulsa at a private party in the home of Greg and Brandy Laird. What started as an idea on the golf course between friends is now a luxury tequila brand igniting all over the United States.

As neighbors in Cabo San Lucas, Vaughan and Snyder developed a friendship over the years, one that was motivated by their common interests, including a fondness for tequila.

“We all met in Cabo San Lucas,” says investor and country music icon George Strait, who has taken a break from touring and is performing select shows in Las Vegas throughout 2017. “We became friends, played golf, and drank Fede’s no-name tequila in a random bottle. We’d have a shot and take a shot. And every time we’d say that we needed to bring this to the States.”

Snyder says, “We wanted the Tequila to be available wherever we went. So Fede and I visited the local distillery in Amatitán where our beloved tequila was made by a family that has been producing tequila for five generations, and realized how unparalleled their production process really was. We knew then we had to share it with the world.”

Código 1530 begins with the very best blue agave in Jalisco, Mexico. The blue agave grows exceptionally well there, with the region’s the rich, volcanic soil and pure water sources – the purest in all of Mexico. The agave is fermented in handmade stainless steel vats using yeast from a local family-owned bakery. It is double distilled which produces the crisp, agave-driven flavors without the harsh afterburn of other tequilas.

Snyder says, “Other manufacturers will keep wringing out every bit of juice they can get. In turn, they remove the integrity of the flavor. For example, when you squeeze a lime, the best juice comes with the first squeeze. If you keep squeezing, you’ll end up getting the bitter pith.”

Código 1530 tequilas go through a rigorous, proprietary 3-stage process to ensure its high quality — it takes 10 kilos of agave to make just 1 liter of Código 1530. With only 3% efficiency, you might think these businessmen would be disappointed in their product. But it’s quite the contrary.

Strait says, “I was never much of a tequila drinker. I was like everyone else. I’d shoot it with salt and lime, mainly to get the taste out of my mouth. But this tequila is so different. That’s why we want people to try it just once. It’s like western swing music, when you hear it once, you love it.”

Código 1530 proudly bears the Jerusalem Cross – the cross that sits atop the Jalisco Coat of Arms – as the symbol of its heritage story. Código 1530’s name honors “Los Códigos,” the old world codes and customs that shaped and still live on in Amatitán to this day.

BLANCO ($49)
Código 1530 Blanco is an unrested tequila. It’s clear and pure, enveloping the essence of its storied history. It has a strong agave flavor with a touch of citrus sweetness and is best enjoyed as a chilled shot or in a margarita or cocktail.

ROSA ($65)
Código 1530 Rosa is gently rested for one month in uncharred, French White Oak barrels, which have held the finest Cabernet wine in Napa Valley. It is as beautiful as it is delicious and best when sipped or enjoyed in a cocktail.

Código 1530 Reposado is aged six months in French White Oak wine barrels. It offers subtle hints of many of the signature flavors found in whiskeys, including vanilla, chocolate and caramel. It’s warm, smooth, and pairs well with food.

ANEJO ($119)
Código 1530 Añejo is carefully aged for 18 months in French White Oak wine barrels, and has already been lauded among spirits aficionados, appreciated best when served neat. In its first-ever spirits awards entry, Código 1530 Añejo was awarded a Platinum, “Best in Class” distinction at the 2016 SIP Awards, where it was honored as the top tequila among the competition.

ORIGEN ($299)
Código 1530 Origen is an Extra Añejo tequila aged for six years. It has a complex, full-bodied flavor profile with lingering notes of vanilla and caramel. It should be sipped and savored on its own, ideally with a good cigar.

For more information, visit Codigo1530.com.