Fond Memories

I love June. Looking back, June was the month when school ended and summer happened. I always had these grand ideas of the great adventures that would take place over the next couple of months. It was as if time stopped and life began. Summers were the longest months and by the time school started up, I was ready to go back and see my friends. The good old days when you could go on adventures and didn’t think there was a danger in the world. My first good memories were visiting my grandparents every summer. It started when I was in 4th grade. I would get on a bus in Liberty, NY, change buses at the Port Authority in NYC and take the long trip to Milford, DE. Grandpa loved to fish and crab but the motor on his boat always died when we were in a small bay by the ocean where he loved to put the anchor down. It was never ending that we would wait for the tide to go out and when the water was low enough I would pull the boat, at least a mile, back to shore. As I got older, I always had a job but found a way to go to grandma and grandpas for at least a couple of weeks.

And then there was the summer after my sophomore year of high school when I had just received my driver’s license and had saved every penny to buy my 1968 pea green Dodge Duster for $800. My girlfriend and I decided that we would drive to visit my dad who was stationed at Fort Gordon in Augusta, GA. We borrowed a CB radio, packed brown paper bags with clothes, took a map and went on our road trip with just enough money for gas. We stopped at every tourist attraction; visited Assateague Island to see the wild ponies, went to Myrtle Beach because it was famous, stopped at the largest fireworks store just to see it (they were illegal in NY), went to Savannah because we thought that was famous too and finally got to my dad’s where we had a bed to sleep in instead of the car. What a learning experience. We even got to see where they played the Masters that I did get to go to with my dad a couple of years later. When we drove home, a tire blew on the NJ turnpike in the middle of the night. The CB radio came in handy and someone showed up to help us change it.

Thinking of June, which also celebrates Father’s Day, brought back memories of my crazy adventures but it also reminded me of the great men in my life who taught me to fish and crab and fix engines and change the oil and tires on my car. Men who believed that I could drive across the country at 16 and really could accomplish whatever I set out to do. They were my mentors and my support system and are missed dearly.

The adventures never end though. It’s not very often you have the privilege of meeting George Strait!! and get to sample a new tequila he is introducing to the Tulsa market in a private tasting. I’m still pinching myself!

For the June issue, we decided to write about things men enjoy; BBQ, Tequila, Polo, building and creating, and we even touched on home decor for men and sun-glass fashions. Enjoy the issue but most of all enjoy the month, spend time with the special men in your life, and plan some adventures so the kids have some great memories because, after all, it is June.

Cover: George Strait with Codigo 1530 Anejo