Shades 1

I spent the weekend watching the NBA playoffs and home improvement shows. I should be ashamed of myself, but I’m not. It was rainy and cold, well into April. I’ve recently changed careers and haven’t had much time to myself so I was selfish. And it felt really good. I’ve also recently taken up another hobby – sunglasses. Sunglasses used to be merely functional for me. I had one pair and they stayed in my car for driving. Then I opened an optical shop and everything changed.

I was always a faithful follower of rules and I wore my sunglasses every day. When I started shopping for my store, I found classic aviators, wayfarers, and modern techno-looking specs. Did you know that they have different lenses for outfielders and for infielders? There are even special lenses for fishing that helps with glare. I looked for glasses that would help a person’s golf game but those don’t exist yet, sorry. The amount of coolness and technology available in sunglasses is amazing!

Being raised by a Pediatric Ophthalmologist, I was taught the importance of wearing sunglasses all year round. My father always said that they’re not called summerglasses, they’re called sunglasses. They should be worn every day that the sun is out (which is 365 days per year, by the way).

My husband recently crossed to the dark side with me. He is now the proud owner of 3 pairs of trendy sunglasses. This is the same man who spent $35 on sunglasses at the mall. Now he has his daily pair, his casual pair, and his dressy pair. Men, take note. You should be wearing your sunglasses every day. Golf, fishing, and just driving in your car, is putting your eyes at risk for cataracts, growths, and even melanoma of the eyes. Like many things in life, the damage doesn’t appear until it’s too late. And sunglasses look cool. Everybody looks good in sunglasses. Everybody.

So gentleman, take a cue from my previously lens-challenged husband and put on some sweet shades. They will protect your eyes. They will also cover any daily imperfections that come from life. And on those weekends when you’re not inside watching the NBA playoffs or home improvement shows with your wife, put on your sunglasses. Your eyes will thank you for it.