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Alex Palmer Brings a Vision to Life

Tulsa has always been a haven for amazing architects, designers, and builders. You will find many famous names lining the halls of museums; the namesakes of buildings that stand as relics of their accolades. Most want their name first and their work showcased second. Alex Palmer, however, considers himself one of the silent majority; someone who wants his quality, custom work to be his homage rather than his name.

Clients come to him with thoughts, concepts, plans, or these days, Pinterest boards which he turns into a reality. They can literally see their dreams come true before their eyes. To say that his success comes from ‘word of mouth’ would be an understatement. He’s no social media sensation or reality TV star, but a true testament to hard work and fortitude. Still, you will have an easier time spotting his work than meeting Alex himself. He often remains ambiguous as he partners with other amazing Tulsa designers, contractors, owners, and entrepreneurs to give each project that unique spin or quality execution that demands appreciation.

Alex Palmer is the owner and operator of Landmark Construction & Management Services. After 25 years of building and remodeling in northeast Oklahoma, Palmer has of late, focused his skills in Tulsa’s urban redevelopment of downtown. Landmark has its fingerprints all over the success of Blue Dome and Brady District hot spots. The Bull in the Alley with its elusive and delicious desirability, the new face of the Dilly Diner, the Prairie Brewpub, and Elgin Park Sports Bar & Brewery are just a few establishments in his portfolio. Alex is no stranger to working on historical properties. He has over two decades of experience remodeling Tulsa mid-town residential projects, notably renovating the Tulsa Little Theater (Delaware Playhouse) in 2005. He and his team have plenty of references in the traditional aspects of commercial and residential construction; building out medical facilities, restaurants, salon/spas, commercial office spaces, multi-family as well as numerous individual’s residential properties. You don’t have to be a Tulsa landmark to get your project in their hands. However, custom projects are where Landmark Construction really shines.

Alex has a strong work ethic and a dedication to an excellent final product. Considering he hung his hat in Broken Arrow for the past 20 years, it is no surprise he and his wife Christy own a couple of historic buildings in The Rose District, downtown BA. Behind every good man is a great woman, so it makes sense that Christy too is a successful business owner, operating a salon for over 20 years.

“We take pride in what we do,” Alex says. “Personally, I get a lot of joy from making things better.” He also attributes his ability to interpret what his clients want to his travels, making it easier to understand inspiration behind European designs or previously redeveloped American cities.

With an extensive list of notable projects to reflect upon, what would he consider his greatest accomplishment? “Raising my son Tyler. It’s very fulfilling to see a remarkable blend of his mom’s personality and mine as he forges into his adult life, all the while making his life his own. He is truly one of my dearest friends. All my accomplishments pale in comparison. The cool thing is – he’ll still be around when most of them are torn down or made into something else.”

If you pay close attention, you will see Alex’s hard work materialize more and more, bringing his vision to life as he changes the landscape of Tulsa’s downtown and neighborhoods. Landmark’s office is now located in the Pearl District with easy access to downtown, mid-town and highways to surrounding areas (also conveniently at the nucleus of Tulsa’s craft brewery district). As you visit incoming venues or one of your local favorites, you now know that Alex Palmer and his craftsman have left their mark, thereby joining the ranks of the unsung heroes in Tulsa’s evolution and part of its historic architectural journey. For more information about Landmark Construction, visit their website and view their portfolio at