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Are Your Kids Ready for the Next School Year?

Smile with Confidence

New shoes, new clothes or uniforms, notebooks, pens, pencils … what about the BEST confidence builder … A BEAUTIFUL, HEALTHY SMILE!

Nothing builds self-esteem like being able to smile with confidence. The wardrobe is important with the latest styles, but “the look” can be dashed with an unhealthy, unattractive smile.

The beginning of a new school year also means booster shoots, PE/sports evaluations, perhaps eye exams … but don’t forget about your child’s teeth and smile. Just as adults, children when meeting other children for the first time look at the eyes first, and if the eyes seem “OK” to the brain, the next thing focused on is the smile and the teeth. If there is something “wrong” with the smile, the brain automatically zeros in on that “flaw.”

Just think of your own experience as an adult, the first thing you do when meeting someone new is to look at them in the eye(s). If the eyes “track” properly and the eye openings are even and symmetrical, the next thing we look at is the smile. Crooked teeth, discolored teeth or especially missing teeth are permanently noted in our brains. You can think of people immediately that come to mind with unattractive smiles you have personally met. That is what you remember about them … not their stylish clothes or shoes … but their smile.

Children and adolescents can be exceptionally honest in speaking their minds. With no social hold backs, we as adults have learned children can be especially cruel and unkind. However, they may be in reality, just inquisitive about missing teeth, color of the teeth or arrangement and size of the teeth.

In the early development years, comments about any aspect of the child’s appearance can have lifelong effects … decreasing self-confidence … even into adulthood.

Tooth Decay is One of the Most 
Common Chronic Childhood Diseases

Tooth decay is perhaps considered to be one of the most prevalent childhood illnesses second only to the common cold. Untreated decay in the teeth, even with baby teeth, can lead to a diminished ability to eat properly, difficulty in speech, interrupted sleep patterns and with tooth pain, lead to an inability to focus on learning in school.

Happy Visits

We recommend a child’s first dental visit occur with the parents’ visit by age one to two years. At this visit the child is allowed to come back with the parent, sit on the parent’s lap or in a chair and watch Mom or Dad getting their teeth cleaned. If and ONLY if the child lets us look in their mouth … to count their teeth, we do so. Sometimes, even at that young age we will see the child’s confidence level soar and we may even be able to provide a “toothbrush” prophylaxis. If the child is not ready yet … we never force anything. At the next visit with Mom or Dad, they will feel more comfortable. We call these visits Happy Visits, and that’s just what they are intended to be!

The style of shoes, length of skirts, haircuts, fickle fashions, etc., come and go with age groups, however, providing your child with a future lifetime of an excellent, pain free, gorgeous smile is PRICELESS. Make sure you’re providing this abiding gift of true love for each of your children before school starts.

Back To School Special

Make your appointment with us by August 31st, 2017 for a free exam and x-rays before the ‘back-to-school’ rush. Be sure to mention Tulsa Lifestyle Magazine when you call.