Tulsa Toy Depot 4

Back To School Fun!

It’s back to school, but are your kids prepared to hit the books? 
Or do they still have summer fever?

The Tulsa Toy Depot bridges the gap between learning and fun. They provide educational, yet entertaining toys and games for kids of all ages which Ryan McAdams, owner of Tulsa Toy Depot, considers as supplements to their education.

“You don’t have to tell your child, ‘We’re going to buy this because you’re way behind in math, or creative thinking or motor skills.’ No, just come in and find a fun game. Then they’ll be able to enhance their educational experience at home and make it a fun activity to do together and on their own.”

He has over 5,000 items in the store and over 100 games, and he and his staff are constantly researching and discovering the latest toys and games to help children learn.

“We love to help kids find a game or activity to advance them further along.”

He consults with a family member who’s a speech pathologist.

“Occupational therapists and speech pathologists love coming into the store. They see instantly our high-quality products and how the games, toys and other activities are going to be beneficial for the kids they’re working with.”

Here’s a glance at some of fun, back-to-school products in the store:

Tiggly Math (ages 3-7):

A three-dimensional math game for the tablet. Kids lay 3D objects on top of a tablet and solve math problems. McAdams shares that for children to just learn two-dimensionally can slow their development, but three-dimensional learning enhances tactile, audio and visual skills.

Mobi (ages 6-106):

Math’s version of Scrabble. Players use number and operation symbol tiles to create mathematical equations.

Q-bitz Jr. (Ages 3+):

A competitive pattern matching game where players duplicate the pattern on a card with their set of cubes. This game utilizes visualization, spatial reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Anaxi (ages 8-99):

A competitive game expanding on word association, vocabulary and creativity — the player providing the most unique answers wins.

Rubik’s Build It, Solve It (ages 8+):

Engineering-minded children can build their own Rubik’s Cube from scratch.

Storymatic (ages 5+):

Creative writing prompts where kids and adults can tell a story. Imagine families playing around the dinner table, parents sharing at bedtime, or kids swapping stories with friends.

Need something for infants and toddlers? Tulsa Toy Depot has toys for them as well. The Indestructibles books not only tell a simple story, but are chew and rip proof, non-toxic and 100% washable.

Why provide educational items for infants? McAdams believes it’s never too early to start educating children.

“Learning doesn’t start at pre-K or when a child attends school. Learning starts on day one.”

Whether your children are mentally prepared for school or not, Tulsa Toy Depot, located at 101st and Sheridan, will help them adjust as they realize learning is fun!