Closet Therapy

I love fashion magazines. I enjoy their beautiful shiny covers, reading the Paris runway reports and learning about new makeup techniques. It’s all quite entertaining. But in the fall, Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar kick it into high gear with the latest fashion trends and must-have accessories for the season. The magazines are heavy with girlish goodies and the urge to shop is unbearable. 
Interestingly, my desire to purchase the new this-or-that diminishes

When I think of where I will put my new found treasures. The season usually passes with a couple small purchases that “almost” fit with last year’s clothes. The reason is my dreadfully unorganized master closet. I am fortunate to have a large closet. My husband’s side is neat and orderly, with his trousers hung on wooden hangers and his ties neatly arranged on an electronic “merry-go-round.” My side is larger with shelves for all my shoes, totes for my growing scarf obsession and hooks for my purses. So, why does everything end up on the floor?

Last year, I hired a personal concierge to organize my closet. She did a lovely job, but the neat and tidy shelves and color coordinated clothes (yes, on hangers) only lasted a couple weeks before they ended up in a pile in front of the full-length mirror. I suspect it is because I don’t like any of my clothes. Like an insane person, I insist on trying them on hoping for a different result and immediately dispense them on the floor hoping they will magically disappear…no wait, maybe this sweater would look good with that purple scarf.

The clothes I love don’t fit or are desperately out of style. I know I need to purge that perfect navy cocktail dress I will never squeeze into ever again and finally give up my favorite silver sandals with the missing rhinestone on the left strap. And seriously, my denial that kitten heels will never go out of style is reason enough for a visit to the psychiatrist. Alas, the cure to my ills lies within the pages of Vogue.