Pool House Project 14

Tom’s takes Outdoor 
Living to a New Level

The Tom’s Design team met with the Hurst family right before the Home and Garden Show this last March to discuss their need for a pool house in their back yard.

The property already had a nice outdoor kitchen area and a nice large pool. The only thing missing was a pool house where guests could come and relax and enjoy the shade after a mid-day swim.

So the Tom’s team of designers and architects got together with the homeowner to discuss the project and to start laying out the design.

The initial area suggested for the pool house would be naturally near the pool. This area currently had a nice planting bed with mature crape myrtles and roses that would need to be taken out before the project could get started. It seemed at first like a waste to take out all the mature plant material, but in the end the overall results were worth losing a few crape myrtles and roses for this project.

As the drawings came together the project became very detail oriented. This project unlike most projects was more like building a small house.

The footprint for this pool house ended up being 500 square feet in total; it included a pool house bathroom and a pool storage room on the back.

The bathroom would be equipped with a small toilet and vanity area to help keep wet feet out of the homeowner’s residence. The bathroom would also include a floor drain for easy cleaning, can lighting, a vent fan on a timer switch, and a heat and air system would even be included in the pool house bathroom.

Adjacent to the pool house bathroom the architect drew in a nice storage room that would help hold all the pool toys, towels and chemicals and it would also hold the control system for the audio/video unit that was installed for the homeowner.

The overall structure would include a 22’ tall custom designed chimney that would also include a copper chimney cap and a custom floating mantle built by the team at Toms Outdoor Living to hold the television.

The structure was designed to mimic the existing outdoor kitchen area which was built previously and to match the architecture on the home and the adjacent garage.

We wanted this pool house to look like it was built when the home was built. So, we took careful consideration when designing and while building. We made sure to use the same pitch, the same shingles, and the same brick from the house and garage so the structure would blend in well.

The structure would include can lighting, infrared heaters, speakers from the audio/video system, a large ceiling fan and exterior lighting installed near the bathroom and storage room.

After all the design work was completed, construction began a few weeks into April. The homeowner gave us a little bit of a challenge and asked if we could finish this project for them by the end of May. April being a very wet month this year became a very challenging month for us.

During the construction of the pool house the homeowner came to us with an idea of putting artificial turf around the pool and structure to help keep grass and debris from getting into the pool area. Also, the homeowner talked about having a small putting green area out in the lawn as well.

This was a very intriguing idea! So, the Tom’s team gathered up some information for the homeowner and started working on a plan for the artificial turf areas. The plan came together very well and would also include some flagstone steppers to be cut into the artificial turf just like we typically do in the regular turf areas.

As the project began to unfold and the walls of the structure began to form you could see the excitement from the homeowners and their children. They were very excited to have such an amazing space where they could spend several months out of the year.

After two months and two weeks of construction the project was completed. A few minor details would finish up the project for the homeowners just a few weeks into June. The rain during the month of April did put us behind a bit, but we pressed on and finished the project in a timely manner.

The family is now enjoying their pool house on a regular basis and has plans for many fun family events at the pool house over the next several years.