Say It With Fashion 6

Be Strong, Protect the Weak, Love Everyone.

How it all began…

Last year my husband, one of the founders of our company, wrote a “napkin note” in our son’s lunch box. Holden doesn’t get notes every day, because quite frankly I forget. But sometimes he gets lucky. That day his dad decided to take over, and hit it out of the park with this note. So much so that it is framed in our living room.

It became our family motto. We posted it on Facebook and people LOVED the message. So we thought why not make this a message that people can wear. Something that will remind them to live this message OUT LOUD.

We made a few shirts, and the rest is history. To see people living this out as they wear the BE STRONG STORY apparel has been the most encouraging and inspiring thing to see.

We want our lives, business, hobbies, and our relationships to reflect this message. And we hope you will join us on our mission to teach our generation and the next to…

Be Strong.

Protect the Weak.

BeStrongStory.comLove Everyone.

Join The Story

You can Join the Be Strong Story by wearing this message, living it out, and then sharing your story with others. You can purchase apparel at and share your story there as well. When people not only wear this message but live it, and share it, the world gets brighter, and people’s hearts start to change. Be part of the change with us. FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM: BeStrongStory