Weight Loss Secrets

Tap into Your DNA 
for Real Results

We’ve all tried fad diets to lose weight. Maybe it’s for a big event like a class reunion or a milestone birthday, or simply because the doctor says, “yes, it’s time.” Whether it’s Atkins or Paleo, or even the lollipop or cabbage soup diet, each one promises a way to shed some extra pounds. And guess what? It works! For a while…

True, many diets will shrink you down, but typically only for a few weeks or sadly, a few days. And then the weight comes raging back, and then some, in a blink of the eye. There is a reason why many nutritionists and dietitians call these fad diets with no long-term value attached. But if these don’t work, what will?

Use Your Own DNA

But what if you could unlock your own fat burning genes? Enter the DNA Diet, a customized plan designed solely for one specific person to help them lose weight and help their body become more efficient.

Tammy Germolik-Giboney with SlimGENEration says, “First, we swab the client’s inner cheek and send the sample to the DNA testing company. We only use Full Sequencing DNA Panel tests provided by one of the world’s top leading labs with 99.98% accuracy. Next, a customized chart listing all the foods they should eat and an exercise plan is mailed back. It’s simple and allows our clients to jump start their weight-loss journey with scientific information specific to them.”

Research Findings

Experts who first practiced DNA testing claim with this personalized diet plan, people can lose three times more than they would if they used calorie counting diets. To test its claims, a study of 191 obese participants was conducted by dividing the individuals into two groups with only one group following the DNA Diet.

The findings of the research were then discussed in front of the panel at the European Human Genetics Conference in Milan. According to researchers, participants on the DNA diet lowered their BMI by 1.8 points on average, while the other group succeeded lowering it only by 1.3 points on an average. Furthermore, the participants following the DNA Diet also built more muscle strength at an average of 6.1% compared to the 5.3% by the other group. All in all, participants on the DNA Diet lost 33% more weight when compared with those counting calories.


The DNA Diet does not promise quick, short-term results. But is does provide a customized plan to help individuals lose weight for sustainable, long-term success. Here’s a snapshot of the most asked questions about the DNA Diet provided by SlimGENEration.

Can I eat carbs?

Although everyone is different, the DNA Diet overall doesn’t expect people to give up all the foods they love. It depends on how fast or slow your body metabolizes the carbohydrates. If your body metabolizes carbs quickly for energy, your meal plan will include the proper foods to fuel your body. Again, it is something that is solely based on one’s DNA testing results.

Should I limit fats?

Related to the point mentioned above, someone may be told to either increase or decrease their intake of animal fat, depending on their metabolic rate. The sooner the body processes fats and converts it into energy the better. The changes in the intake will itself trigger the process of weight loss.

What about exercise?

The DNA testing will provide the different sports that best suits your body’s needs. If you were destined to be a heavyweight champion, world-class swimmer, or a long distance runner, your DNA testing will reveal it.

Complimentary Consultation

Would you like to learn more about unlocking your weight loss genetic code? Contact SlimGENEration at SlimGeneration.com for a complimentary consultation. It’s the first step to losing those unwanted pounds and rediscovering a happier, healthier you!