Are You A Frequent Smiler? 1

Are you a frequent smiler?  People tell me I am!  You may be one too!  Smiling is simple.  It’s innate.  It’s universal.  And it’s social.  Smiling is something we can easily share with each other.  According to a study conducted by one market research firm, only 30 percent of adults smile more than 20 times a day, while some people smile fewer than 5 times a day.  The super-smilers are children!  They enjoy the great feeling of frequent smiling as many as 400 times a day! Why the big difference?  Kids, especially little ones, are entirely immersed in small things that make them smile….blowing seeds of a dandelion and watching how they fly through the air.  Have you ever watched a child blowing soap bubbles?  These simple activities evoke feelings of joy, delight, laughter and lots of smiles.

Positive Feedback Loop

This joy invokes powerful, feel-good smiles, and that creates a Positive Feedback Loop. Once a child realizes that smiling makes him feel great, he repeats it again and again when he encounters new objects in his environment. I have spent my professional life studying smiling, the sources of smiling, the impact of smiling on one’s immediate environment and on the extended environment.  I have studied and implemented smile design in my dental practice.


Unfortunately, some people are embarrassed by their teeth when they smile, so they shield their smile with their hand over their mouth or learn to avoid showing their teeth by forcing their upper lips down when they smile.  Sadly they come across as much less friendly and less likeable than they should be perceived. I’ve seen innumerable times when creating a gorgeous smile with techniques like porcelain veneers changes lives.  It allows people to recapture their self-esteem, become more successful in business and in their personal lives because people now perceive them as more friendly and likeable.

If you would like to consider upgrading your smile, give us a call and we will have you in for a complimentary exam, share what your options are, and even give you a preview of how you could look.