The Art of Accessorizing 4

The difference between an average room and an extraordinary room is all in the details!

Accessorizing is what gives personality and soul to a home’s interior decor, yet it seems to be one of the most daunting tasks for some of our clients. People tend to have an easier time making the big decisions in interior design, such as choosing the major furniture pieces and color scheme, but they struggle selecting the little things like lamps, art, and accessories to pull it all together. Interior styling really puts the finishing touches on a room as the accessories become the pops of color, texture, and shape that reflect you and tie together your entire design. Here are our top tips when it comes to accessorizing your home.

Layering and Grouping

Clusters of objects balance one another as well as add visual interest and variety. Try to follow the “Rule of Three” by grouping three objects of varying height, scale, and textures, but don’t feel like all three objects need to match.

Reinforce the Color Scheme

The trend of neutrals and grays is not going anywhere, but one of the easiest ways to add color is by using accessories in a similar hue. Accent pillows, a coffee table tray, or a large piece of wall art may be all you need to inject the right dose of color into your room to give it a finished look.

Anchor the Room with a Statement Piece

Don’t be afraid to go big, but also don’t feel like you need to fill every blank space. Less is more with larger pieces. Too many small accessories can clutter the space and not give the eye anywhere to rest. Use some larger accessories or art pieces to create a focal point and higher impact.

Develop a Look and Feel

Create harmony by selecting accessories that help define the room’s design style. Whether traditional, transitional, vintage, contemporary, or modern farmhouse, choosing the right finishing touches can make the personality of the room shine.

Bring Life into the Room

Faux or not, florals and other greenery make an amazing statement in any space and help add some life to the room. Try layering them with other accessories rather than just standing alone for even more visual interest.

Accessories are the jewels that make your house sparkle, and they should not be overlooked or treated as an afterthought. At Luxe, we fully believe in the power of interior styling. Our designers are very experienced in selecting and arranging just the right accessories to make the personality of your home really shine. Schedule a complimentary interior styling house call today!