Pain Killers Don’t Always Come In A Bottle

Knowledge Might Be The Best Therapy

Have you got a pain in the neck…and no not your in-laws or the next door neighbors? And yes, I know those can be real pains too. But I am talking about the actual physical pains that keep us up at night or take us away from the activities that we love doing. Most everyone out of childhood knows about the aches and pains associated with just living. Perhaps it’s an old sports injury or the repercussions of a car wreck that keep us from feeling at our best.

Whatever it might be, there is hope. Within the last several years, physical therapy has grown into one of the most important elements to getting people back to their former healthy selves, according to Jeff Jankowski, CEO for Redbud Physical Therapy. Leading the way to this alternative treatment program is Redbud Physical Therapy which has been serving NE Oklahoma for over 20 years and currently has 15 locations. The company began with a small practice in Sand Springs and has grown to serve countless patients over their career.

Physical therapy actually saves patients money on health care costs, Jankowski explained. He said that when someone comes to them immediately following an injury, the costs are considerably lower than traditional methods under a physician’s care. He also explained that this knowledge may not be very well known and that understanding the factual information about physical therapy can not only reduce a patient’s cost over the course of treatment but accessing physical therapy within 14 days after an injury can lead to a 50 percent reduced cost in back pain costs alone. For those patients who have an MRI before seeing a physical therapist first, have $4,793 higher costs. One study also found that using physical therapy as a first treatment strategy resulted in 72 percent fewer costs overall within the first year.

If we look back in history, forms of physiotherapy have been used for centuries. Hippocrates advocated massage and Hector used hydrotherapy (water therapy) as far back as 460 B.C. Modern physical therapists formed their first professional association in 1921, called the American Women’s Physical Therapeutic Association.  With the advent of World War II and a nationwide polio epidemic during the 1940s and 1950s, physical therapists were in greater demand than ever before. The importance of musculoskeletal problems being alleviated through physical therapy was catching on and the need for long-term opioids (painkillers) usage was no longer the only resource for relief. As modern science has shown, the use of these drugs has had serious side effects on society with issues ranging from addiction to accidental overdoses.

“We are definitely one of the top alternatives to people using opioids,” Jankowski said. To shed light on just how rampant the pain medication option has become, studies show that each year 259 million prescriptions are written in the US. That is enough for one bottle for every American. Physical therapy for pain is effective and takes the use of opioids out of the treatment scenario, he added. Due to physical therapy options and a law enacted three years ago allowing access to physical therapy in Oklahoma without a referral from a physician, the options for effective and drug-free treatments are not only available but a bargain in the healthcare industry.

So when it comes to those pains that just won’t go away, remember that Redbud Physical Therapy has the remedy to ease that pain…unless of course, it’s your in-laws or neighbors. That, unfortunately, is a pain you may just have to suffer with.