The Best Of Lux To You This Christmas 1

Build A Better Holiday Season

He makes toys. His face and voice light up when he talks about them. He wants every child to have one of those toys on Christmas morning. And he travels around delivering toys; most recently to the Toy Depot in Tulsa at 101st and Sheridan. No, I am not talking about Santa Claus at the North Pole but that would certainly be a good guess.

There are few experiences in the world like watching the excitement on a child’s face on Christmas morning when the gifts are opened. It’s an image emblazoned in our minds. However, as children grow into adults that excitement fades…unless you are Michael Acerra. This Illinois visionary has a toy that will light up young faces on Christmas morning. And the idea of sharing this creation fills him with the jolly joy of Santa himself. It is a gift of ingenuity and creativity that he hopes will bring the same elated feeling to children everywhere.

“It allows for children to use the craft arts that only engineers and architects have access to,” he said. “I was a big geek about nature and architecture as is my wife Heather,” he added. Because we love the principles of building and creation, we came up with the concept of creating a toy that would expand the young minds of children allowing for them to devise creations of their own that would raise questions so intriguing the children will want to discover the answers.

The great thing about this toy dubbed Lux Blox is that it’s not just a learning toy but is actually fun! As I stood there in the Toy Depot speaking to him about it, I couldn’t keep my mind from wandering into the realm of snapping and twisting those pieces of plastic into all types of cool creations. Anything I can imagine, I can build I thought! These small interlocking designs are truly unique. Children and adults alike can actually take their ideas of designs and concepts and put them in a material form.

What makes Lux Blox more dynamic than Lincoln Logs or other building blocks is their ability to bend the laws of physics that are restrictions in other building type toys. These work as molecules do and therefore can be put into shapes and configurations to create shapes by the use of the “snapping hinge” which Acerra designed and that became the hinge pin of the design.

The designer explained that Lux Blox are like a sheet which acts like fabric so it’s “squishy”. But with a with a simple bend, one gets corrugation (wrinkle or bend) to add strength to the sheet. Think of a car fender. This is a simple concept but most children are not exposed to it, he explained. Bringing this type of educational principle to children has been a hope that has prompted him and Heather to promote this toy in various schools at the kindergarten level.

“Everything that we have tried to build with the Lux Blox we have built it. From DNA strands to molecules to protozoa and other ocean creatures. We wanted to make one blox that could do everything. So each toy makes multiple shapes which connect to other blox that can also be any shape.” Imagine the possibilities!

This is a toy of the imagination. Every person who uses it can build any creation they can design in their mind…no matter what age they might be, Acerra explained.