Holland Hall Coaches Promote the Value of an Active Lifestyle 2

Tulsa’s Holland Hall School knows there’s much more to a good education than academics – and it involves staying active.

In addition to offering students a challenging education experience with a college preparatory curriculum, the preK-12 Episcopal school makes it very clear to students that having an active lifestyle is an equally important part of the learning experience.

From Holland Hall’s 21 physical education programs for 7th-12th graders to the school’s competitive athletics programs, that concept is ingrained into every aspect of students’ lives.

According to several Holland Hall coaches, there are obvious reasons why it’s important to help students achieve this vital balance.

Christy Utter, Holland Hall’s field hockey coach for the last six years, is a strong advocate of being active and healthy. A former Holland Hall field hockey player herself, she went on to play at the University of North Carolina and was part of two national championship-winning teams. She believes living an active and healthy lifestyle allows students to accomplish more.

According to Phil Muir, Holland Hall’s Wellness coordinator and football strength & conditioning coach, fitness is also more than just physical health.

“By taking on too many commitments, spending too much time on social media, not getting enough sleep or eating right, there has to be a way to open the pressure valve,” he said. “It’s even more important when you add this to the rollercoaster of life and growing up.”

An 18-year veteran of teaching and coaching at Holland Hall, he’s seen firsthand the positive impact an active lifestyle has on students’ lives.

Holland Hall’s wrestling coach, Rick Cameron, has more than 25 years of experience in education, including time as a math teacher and boys’ soccer coach at Holland Hall.

After teaching and coaching in North Carolina for many years, he returned to Holland Hall this fall to teach and coach the school’s new wrestling program. Cameron’s emphasis is on helping his new athletes grow each day – mentally as well as physically.