Summit Club’s Executive Chef William Lyle

Presents Healthy Specialties

Healthy eating is at the top of the list this new year for the Summit Club’s Executive Chef William Lyle, who unveils some of his secrets to cooking healthy and eating the right foods as part of an active lifestyle.

The Summit Club, with its amazing view of downtown Tulsa, has been Tulsa’s premier dining and social club and event facility since 1967. Located in the heart of downtown Tulsa, on the 30th, 31st and 32nd floors of the Bank of America Building, the Club offers a variety of dining and special event options, from the Penthouse Dining Room and the Wine Room, a private dining room with a spectacular skyline view of downtown, to the Summit Grill and the Vista Room.

About Chef Bill Lyle

Chef Bill brings years of restaurant experience to The Club. He spent the last four years as executive chef at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and has served as executive chef at Ella’s restaurant at the Inn at Carnall Hall. He also worked closely with the University of Arkansas Hospitality Department to open a kitchen to host training and internship opportunities.

“As we create new flavors and entrees, I enjoy working with local farms to bring the freshest ingredients to the table,” he said.

One of Lyle’s healthy specialties is 413 Farms chicken liver pate with a black currant jelly, served with brioche toast points.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle means being active but also eating healthy. As Chef Bill explained, eating the right foods can still include good fats.

“Eating healthy doesn’t necessarily mean you have to reduce fats, it’s more about eating the good fats from good meats,” he said. “The dishes I create are made with olive oil, fresh produce and meats that are not artificially grown or raised with chemicals. Because these meats from our local farms are vegan fed and are hormone-free, it ensures the food is fresh and of the highest quality.”

Chef Bill points out there are a number of healthy substituting secrets that can be used for different dishes.

“Cauliflower is a versatile vegetable that is taking the place of dairy in everything from mac-n-cheese to a number of sauces,” he said. “By simply replacing key ingredients with healthier alternatives, it makes for a more flavorful and healthier meal.”

He works closely with general manager Jared Jordan, a certified sommelier, to pair entrees with the perfect wine. It helps that the wine list at The Summit Club is one of the most expansive in Tulsa.

“The pate and pork belly are fairly French in food style and both traditionally pair well with wines from France, so I’ve paired them with a Beaujolais,” explained Jordan. “Beaujolais is producing some of the most stellar wines in France these days, and the last several vintages have been spectacular. The other great thing about Beaujolais is that you get killer wines that are as good as, if not better than, wines from Burgundy – at half the price.”

Specifically, Jordan paired both entrees with a 2014 Domaine Marcel LaPierre Morgon from Beaujolais – a wine that features notes of vibrant cherry, a very fresh acidity and very well structured tannins, and a hint of lingering spice.

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