Mixes it with Love and Makes the World Taste Good

Nestled away in dreamland, children and most adults have an idea of what candyland looks like. It begins with a candy lined path to a beautiful, colorful castle made of … you guessed it, candy! Upon entering, there is candy of all kinds; bulk candy, gourmet chocolates, retro candy, gummi candy and an old-fashioned soda bar and ice cream parlor and …. well, everything that makes a Candy Castle perfect!

This mystical place does exist, maybe not the path and castle made of candy but close, and it’s right in the heart of south Tulsa at 108th and Memorial in The Vineyard. Candy Castle has been in the Tulsa area since in 1989 but co-owners Rachel Simons and Tom Ford have included additional features like the old-fashioned soda bar that evokes feelings of nostalgia when you walk through the doors. Candy Castle also has birthday parties, a subscription box of the month club, and unique gifts that can be made to order like the stocking stuffers being made the day we visited. Ford says one of the most popular items is Sushi Candy and they have a hard time keeping it in stock.

When asked what their favorite treat in the whole store was, Simons replied “Swedish Fish” and Ford said his was the Lime Rickey which includes muddled lime, a cane of sugar and seltzer.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, it might be fun to visit with your little Valentines or shop for the special people in your life.


Boxes can be purchased pre-made or you can choose the candy you want in them. Candy Castle can also design the colors to match a theme, an event or a holiday. Simons put together a beautiful box for Valentine’s Day while we visited. Top Row L-R: Pink M & M’s, Jelly Belly Champagne Bubbly, Jelly Belly Strawberry Daiquiri, Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans, Hairbo Twin Cherries, and Coconut Jelly Belly. Second Row L-R: Cherry Sour Balls, Cocoa Dusted Truffles, Gummy Ice Cream Cones, Sea Salt Caramels, Grapefruit Sourballs, and Chiclets. Third row L-R: Dark Chocolate Pecans, Cherry & Watermelon Jolly Ranchers, Cherry Zotz, Sour Patch Cherries, Red & White M & M’s, and Cherry Cordials.

Gummy Cake

The Gummy Cake is made with Marsh Mellow Hearts, Marsh Mellow Meringue, Gummy Strawberry Hearts, Gummy Raspberries, and Marsh Mellow Twists for $19.99.

Pink & Blue Ice Cream Soda

The Pink & Blue Ice Cream Soda is a modern twist of the ice cream soda that Simons invented. It includes Cotton Candy Ice Cream, Bubble Gum Soda, Seltzer and topped with Cotton Candy.


This is the real deal! The Watermellon Phosphate is made with Horseford’s Acid Phosphate, which is imported from Canada. This is used instead of citric acid. The Acid Phosphate adds extra sour & tang, extra phiz and intensifies the flavor. It is garnished with a watermelon Boston fruit slice, and is also available sugar free. The ingredients include Watermellon syrup, Phosphate, crushed ice, and seltzer.