A Passion Perfected In Pastries

It is with Hope that one can taste the sweet flavors and delicate textures that bring a warm smile to the palate and a fulfillment to all of the senses. Poetry…? Perhaps, but not in the way you might think. Behold, it is not the words of enlightened poets to which I refer but the desires within and actions of art in the motions of a rolling pin by Hope Alexander.

Even the name of her establishment, Esperance Bakery, has a poetic ring to it. Esperance means hope in French and the play on words works well with her vision to bring unique creations to her patrons. From the moment one walks in the door, it is obvious that this is no run of the mill bakery. There is an overwhelming sense of warmth in Hope’s greeting as well as her treats; a taste of extraordinary if you will.

There are many amazing aspects of Hope which are worthy of recognition. Her drive to offer her patrons something truly unique, her decision to step out on faith and build a dream and her desire to bake outside the edges of the pan as it were, are all examples of these aspects. However, her attitude is what sets her apart.

“I am one of those people who thinks…well if someone else can do it I can do it too. This is what I thought about croissants. If Julia Child can do it then so can I.” She does not fit into the standard mold. For instance, she did not attend baking school to learn her craft. Instead, she took her love of chemistry and feeding people to create a recipe that is as sweet as it is scrumptious.

“I took her (Julia Child) cookbook and I made them. It was fun and the dough just felt so good to me. I have always liked making bread and being able to knead. So I continued making them and family and friends liked them.” Through experimentation with organic ingredients and “playing with the recipes”, Hope was able to create croissants that belong at the top of everyone’s favorite recipe list.

Having worked other professions to make a living, she knew it was time to do something that she loved to earn a living.

“I love to bake and I love feeding people great food!” After friends and family began offering to pay her for her croissants, she asked herself if she could be happy making croissants every day. Contemplating that and knowing that her work days would begin at 2:30 a.m. with many of them being long ones, the answer was a resounding “yes”. On June 28 of 2016, that response became an open for business sign.

There are many unique aspects of Hope and her bakery, but of all of them, her desire to give must be the one that rises above. A small bulletin board with many letters of gratitude from all those whom she helps through her business is just one type of the hope she gives to everyone who has the good fortune to taste Esperance.

Esperance is open Thursday until 2, Friday until 6 and noon on Saturday and Sunday.