How Dr. Cobble’s Artistry with Invisalign Transforms

If dentistry is an art form, then Dr. Jan Cobble at Masterpiece Smiles is a craftsman. Nearing forty-five years of practicing dentistry in Tulsa, he has not only transformed patient’s smiles, but made many friends along the way. “I don’t work on strangers; I work on friends.”  

A significant aspect of his artistry is establishing great relationships with patients. “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. And that’s why I spend so much time upfront getting to know the patient before I put them in the chair.”

Assuring new patients they’re in a safe environment is top priority since many have dental phobia. He informs them of their options, steps in treatment, and his goal to make procedures as pain free as possible. 

Once they’re comfortable, he can go to work, transforming crooked, crowded or corroded teeth into works of art. But it’s not just their teeth that’s transformed, but themselves as well.

“I create positive changes in their mouths that blossom into many positive changes both inward and outward. This contributes to their health and self esteem.”

A great tool to beautify smiles and promote oral health is Invisalign. “When your teeth are no longer crowded, overlapped or rotated, it’s easier to get gum tissue healthy because food isn’t jammed in these spaces. Patients have healthier gum tissue and function.” 

Why Invisalign?

At the initial consultation, Dr. Cobble accesses whether a patient qualifies for the procedure. If they need more extensive work than Invisalign, Dr. Cobble readily refers them to a top specialist.

If they qualify, he’ll get impressions of their mouth, take X-rays and “before” photos. This information is sent to the company making the customized trays. 

A significant advantage to Invisalign is the diagnosis for treatment. Through a computerized image, Dr. Cobble shows the patient the “final” result before the treatment period begins. 

Most of his Invisalign patients are adults, especially those who had worn braces in their adolescence, but failed to continually wear the retainer for life, causing regression. They find this option more appealing than traditional braces because the trays are virtually invisible and lightweight.

Convenience is another appealing factor. The trays are removable so patients can eat, drink and brush and floss their teeth. Have a business meeting? Playing sports? You can remove them as long as you wear the trays twenty-two hours a day. 

Another benefit is they’re more hygienic. “Studies show that when people get metal braces, most of the time, they end up with marks on their teeth where they couldn’t get perfectly clean,” Dr. Cobble shares. 

Invisalign is flexible for a busy patient. No monthly hour or longer tightening appointments. Simply stop in the office to pick up replacement trays every two weeks and for brief check ups every four to six weeks.

Once the treatment plan is finished, patients wear a custom-fitted retainer at night for life. This keeps the teeth from regressing, a vital step in the Invisalign process. 

Testimonial from a former Invisalign patient:

Q: Why Invisalign? 

A:  As a working professional at my age, I just didn’t feel like traditional braces were the right choice for me. I didn’t want that to be the first thing people noticed about me or for them to be a distraction when presenting during meetings. I liked the idea of them being clear so no one would ask about them.

Q: What were your results?

A: Huge! I hated having pictures taken because one of my front teeth stuck out and in certain lighting, it would cast a shadow on the other one. The shadow made that tooth look brown like it was rotting. Now, I smile much more and have confidence when someone takes pictures as it’s a huge self-esteem boost. It wasn’t just aesthetic changes either, my bite is better aligned so I don’t grind my teeth anymore.

Q: What did you like about Invisalign?

A: The convenience. As a working mother of three, it suited my lifestyle. I only had to stop in the office every two weeks to pick up the replacement trays and for occasional checkups. I could remove the trays to eat, brush, floss or for pictures. But what surprised me the most—it only took eight months! 

Q: Why did you choose Masterpiece Smiles?

A: I first came here for a six-month cleaning and was impressed by how friendly everyone was. The camaraderie in the office was pleasant, yet professional in the actual service and scheduling of appointments. They know your name; you’re not just a patient ID. That’s huge! Overall, I highly recommend Masterpiece Smiles and Invisalign!