Making Your Walls and Ceilings a Masterpiece

Imagine walking into your home, after meeting deadlines, fighting traffic, and hauling kids to the fifth practice that week, you feel serene, inspired and even creative?

That’s the tone Carolyn Finch and Co. aim to evoke. They’re not painters, but artists whose vision is to create a space for escape, inspiration and joy. 

Actually, Finch’s home served as the genesis of her career. After she transformed her custom-built home with her artistry, neighbors, seeing her work, recruited her to create “art” in their homes. A thriving business was launched! 

Twenty-four years later, Carolyn Finch and Co. has grown into a dedicated team of artists. Teresa Jirik has been by Finch’s side as the lead artist almost the entire time, adding her creative ideas into the mix. And Finch also partners with her daughter Angela Finch. 

Together the company works on residential and corporate accounts, but they’re not exclusive to large spaces. They’ll happily transform a large powder bath as well as a sprawling casino. And their footprint has expanded to include homes in Golden Oak, an elite community on Disney property in the Orlando area.  

Her museum:

Walking into her home is like walking into a museum, but the actual walls and ceilings are the art. 

Her entry has two niches displaying separate but coordinating techniques: the smaller is bright silver with hand painted “broken” glass beads and the larger is a charcoal grey faux finish with blown glass. Both provide an alluring and warm space as in a dream. 

Enter her retro dining room, your eye catches pops of color and “broken” glass beads on the walls. This creates a sophisticated, but magical tone. 

As a designer, Finch creates her own stencils, tools and techniques, including the “broken glass” beading. She adds beads in segments instead of on the entire wall. 

In her bedroom, she added mica powder to create a multi-dimensional shimmer that’s subdued. Look closely at the main wall, a geometric, stenciled pattern unveils and sparkles illuminate like diamond rays. Walk further away, the wall appears muted and soft as the stencil pattern “disappears” like an optical illusion. Her lilac ceiling with mica powder gives off a starry luminesce, as light radiates from the crystal chandelier, like in a planetarium. 

Her Style:

As a colorist, she focuses on saturating color through the house for flow, texture and mood. ”I love to saturate and marry colors so you’re repeating it over and over, and not throwing in a fifth or sixth color.” 

The gleaming white open kitchen flows seamlessly into the corner nook framed by three paneled abstracts her daughter painted with lime green, aqua blue and dandelion yellows. 

These colors cohesively flow into the connected living room and the dining room that’s joined by a narrow hallway. Sitting on a pub chair in the kitchen, you can see how the colors in the dining room create a visual delight. Pops of colors come from the vibrant chartreuse drapes with lime green circles, the lime green upholstered chairs, and the turquoise chandelier above the dining room table.

Her passion:

Painting a home is more physically grueling than working on a canvas. So what drives Finch to master her craft despite long hours on her feet, sometimes on ladders and scaffolding? It’s two-fold: 

One is Aesthetics: “I love creating a beautiful atmosphere in people’s homes which is their place of serenity.” The second is Relational:  “I meet the most amazing people —most become my friends— who help me with my passion and see my passion in me.”

Her Innovation:

Staying current on the latest design trends and partnering with local interior designers, Finch consults with clients on how to create a unique, modern look to inspire and impress.

Recently, she’s ventured beyond walls and ceilings. Collaborating with a silk screen artist, Finch and her team added glass and silver leafing to Christmas artwork, capturing the holiday’s romance and beauty. Sax Fifth Avenue, The Market at Walnut Creek and other local boutiques carried this collection (and it nearly sold out).

Her daughter:

Working with her mother since twelve years old, Angela went on to study art and costume design from the University of Tulsa. After graduating, she focused on painting.

While the house serves as Finch’s canvas, Angela works on a linen canvas. She paints custom art, creating whatever the client wants. Thus, her collection is diverse including abstracts, pop art, portraits and even pets. 

“What’s inspiring about the kind of art I do is being able to enter a client’s vision to create something truly personal. Although this is often a huge challenge, it allows me to grow and learn everyday. From painting textured, glass- encrusted abstracts, to pop art portraits, and bright, striking scenes, every project is unique and exciting! It’s rewarding to take what’s in my client’s heart and transform it into an art piece that speaks to them. It keeps me on my toes and constantly helps me to think beyond my own box.“

The beauty of Angela’s business? She can work out of her home, convenient for this married mother of two. (Considering the close bond this mother-daughter duo have, it’s not surprising they live less than a mile away.)

“Working in the home with two small children can be hectic, to say the least! I am so thankful to be able to raise them in a wildly creative environment, like the one I was raised in. I was always taught to see the beauty and adventure in everything, and I hope to pass that down to my children as well.” 

For this mother-daughter duo, they’re passionate about making your home beautiful, serene and personalized like a piece of art.