Driving Toward The Plug n Play Option

Using The Past To Drive The Future

Who knew cars had a plug n play option? Well not all cars of course…but BMW does! It has a few with that option which technology seems to always bring forth with the newest and neatest innovations in our never ending quest to get from here to there and back to here again. It’s actually quite an amalgamation of mixing two older technologies to create a new one all its own. It’s taking combustion engines and electricity, both of which have been used for over a century, and mixing the two to make an efficient and eco-friendly driving machine for the future.

There are actually two different types of vehicles now using this technology. There is the electric car which uses electric motors and battery packs to completely operate. Then there are hybrids which use both the electric motors and the traditional combustion engine and gasoline. As for how the hybrids work, a typical hybrid car uses the electric engine during driving when the gasoline engine is least efficient. These would be times such as idling, parking, slow driving, etc. An electric engine works by drawing electricity from a battery and then uses that energy for creating mechanical power.

BMW has recently come out with its latest technology in the hybrid field with the arrival of the new BMW 330e which offers customers another innovative route to driving pleasure. With its plug-in hybrid drive system, the latest BMW 3 Series variant combines the dynamic flair for which the brand is renowned with the option of driving on electric power alone and the promise of unbeatable efficiency over longer distances. The BMW 330e therefore brings together high-quality dynamics and extremely low fuel consumption thus less of a carbon footprint. 

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Drive System: The plug-in hybrid drive system delivers familiar BMW driving dynamics by pairing a cutting-edge electric motor with a four-cylinder combustion engine.

Transmission: The electric motor and combustion engine send their power to the sedan’s rear wheels via a standard-fitted eight-speed Steptronic transmission. The arrangement of the electric motor in front of the transmission allows the transmission ratios to be used in all-electric mode as well.

Battery: The high-voltage battery, made up of lithium-ion cells, is located underneath the boot and boasts efficient refrigerant cooling including a highly integrated low-temperature circuit. The battery has a total capacity of 7.6 kWh which enables an all-electric and therefore locally emission-free range of around 25 miles.

Save Battery Mode: Save Battery mode allows the battery’s energy stores to be deliberately maintained – or increased again if the charge level has dropped below 50 per cent. This energy can then be used for pure-electric driving, on a part of the journey.